As a fellow book lover, we are delighted to have you onboard. And we hope that you will enjoy promoting these exciting books as much as we do.

But it is not just our talented authors that reap the rewards of our tours. As a blogger you will benefit in many ways including:

  • Shout outs on social media sites
  • Mentions on our blog
  • Joining a team of bloggers who share your passions.
  • Increased blog readership as a result of being part of the team
  • The opportunity to read great books for free
  • Free giveaways to encourage new blog readers

So as you can see, Paranormal Cravings Tours rewards everyone involved. Authors receive more exposure for their books, and as a blogger you will attract more readers and page views.


About Your Blog Posts

When we schedule a tour, we will send you an invite to join. Your blog post choices include reviews, interviews, guest posts and tour promos. Once you receive your invite simply let us know what type of post you would like to write, and give us your preferred publication dates.

The Reviews

Our tours are designed to offer our author’s the best positive publicity. If you are not used to reviewing books, check out reviews on sites like Amazon to get an idea on what to include in a useful and entertaining review.

We do our best to choose top quality books. But we understand that you may not enjoy every single book you review. When this happens, all we ask is that you avoid posting a negative review. Instead you could just post a promo which includes the information included in the media kit. This includes the basic book info, author photo, bio, and purchase info.

Also please understand that some of the books you receive are not final edited copies. Many are ARCs (pdf, epub, or mobi). So the grammar, spelling and formatting may not be up to publishable standard. We hope you understand this and judge each book on the fantastic writing, rather than be critical of basic errors.


Guest Posts

If you would like to feature an author guest post on your blog, the writer may already have a topic in mind that they would like to cover. But if you have a particular idea of your own, suggestions are always welcome.

When you post the completed guest post on your blog, please remember to include the contents of the Media Kit too.



We offer giveaways to help you promote your blog post or review. This is a great way to attract followers on social networking sites, and reward regular readers of your blog. You are in control of the time length of giveaways, but around 3-7 days is a good time limit.

Once you have chosen a winner, simply send their name and email address to Also include a link to your blog post. For a printed giveaway, add the winner’s mailing address too. We will then forward the winner’s details to the author, so they can contact them and give them their prize. Remember to announce the name of the winner on your website too.


Author and Character Interviews 

Another great way to participate in the Paranormal Cravings Tour is through author and character interviews. These interviews are generally done via email questions and answers. So once your post is scheduled, please send us your questions as soon as possible to give the author time to respond. We will then email you the author’s replies as soon as we receive them.

Please remember to include the materials in the Media Kit with your interview, including the book cover, description, bio, author photo and links.


Promo Posts 

If you choose to feature a promo post on your blog, please use the information we send you in the Media Kit. This usually includes an excerpt from the book, an author photo and bio, book cover and links. We often include optional extras in the Media Kit and it’s up to you whether you choose to use them.


[toggles title=”Tems and Conditions for the TOURS”]

Author/publisher is responsible for getting Guest Posts and Interviews on time to the Blog Hosts.

*Author/publisher must have review copies ready at least 1 month before the tour starts.
*If booking a book tour with us, please make sure that you don’t book a tour with another tour host until after 30 days after the tour.  It takes time and effort to organize an effective tour and having multiple tours around the same time can affect the outcome of the tour.
*Payments made through PayPal. Payment due upon receipt.

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Full Refund will be granted within 5 days of the original agreement. After 5 days only 50% will be refunded due in part for the work and time put into the event at that point.



You have 5 days for a full refund if you choose to cancel your agreement. After 5 days only 50% will be refunded for services rendered and / or begun. We kindly ask Authors to notify us of any changes to dates of event(s) immediately. Failure to do so can and will result in extra charges.

We will do our best to accommodate you during a delay and work with the participants in rescheduling the tour, however a charge of $30.00 will be billed to you for the amount of work that goes into re arranging the event. No guarantee can be given of same Blog signup.



It is the Authors SOLE responsibility to notify the winner. It is the Authors SOLE responsibility to make sure the prize(s) are mailed out to the appropriate winner. We do share the winner on our site and Social Media channels without written notification. PC BOOK REVIEWS nor PC BOOK TOURS is responsible nor liable for any and all mailings of prizes nor giveaway(s) in general. PC BOOK REVIEWS nor PC BOOK TOURS is NOT responsible for any giveaways in any shape of form.



We strongly encourage Authors and Publishes to take the appropriate measures to safeguard their intellectual property. We will work with you in finding the best way to make sure ARCs are SAFE, SECURE and PROTECTED. Any Blog found to be abusing this privilege will be banned from any further involvement with us and we will notify you immediately so you may take the appropriate measures. Piracy is something we are STRONGLY against and WILL NOT stand for it in any shape or form. Only ONE ARC per blog will sent out and ONE reviewer per Blog. Only legitimate Blogs will be considered for ARCs



Review guidelines that will be presented to the participants will be reviewed by you and any addition you might have will be added in. We encourage all participants to give their honest opinions while reviewing, however we will kindly ask them to refrain from posting the reviews on purchasing and social media sites if below a 3 star until after completion of tour.



1 – All posts will be requested to be posted by 10:00 am ( EST ) on all social media and purchasing sites ( if applicable )  unless otherwise stated by the author.

1a – Top or Second post is not required but preferred unless otherwise stated by the author.

2 – The length of time for the signup document to stay open will be left to the discretion of the author. If asked we will provide our opinion.

3 – We kindly ask Authors to share the provided sign up documents on their personal and profession social media sites.
3a – We kindly ask Authors to actively engage in all aspects of promotion such as visiting, liking, sharing and acknowledging the participants during the events. It provides more of a mutual beneficial experience all around.

4 – We kindly ask Authors to please provide all necessary and requested materials in a complete and timely manner so we can efficiently achieve target dates.

4a – We kindly ask Authors that all materials handed in by set date is Final.

5 – We kindly ask Authors to send out the prizes for giveaways to the appropriate winners in a timely manner.

6 – We kindly ask Authors to refrain from using and or booking any other event with another Tour Company while in agreement with us. It leads to confusion with Bloggers, readers and causes an all around unpleasant experience.

7 – We are not, can not and will not be held responsible for any Blogs that do not follow through on their commitments in any shape or form before, during or after the event.

7a – We will do everything in our power to safeguard that instance but in the case of such occurrence we are not to be held accountable and do not take any responsibility for actions beyond our control.




Tour Rules