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We review our books well in advance. Preferred BEFORE the release date so we can give our readers the inside scoop and maybe the News when it is still NEW 🙂  But we also read books that are already published. If you are an author or publisher and you would like us to review your book, please read the following information carefully, and complete the form below.

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Request a review by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

  1. Paranormal Cravings is a book review site that features paranormal and fantasy literature including, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal YA, Sci-fi Romance, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Erotic Romance (18+). Please do not submit any novels that would not be classified as such. Any requests that do not fall into these categories will be ignored.
  2. The preferred format for review submissions is an EPUB or PDF copy. Please remember that sending your ebook or paperback does not guarantee a review.  For a guaranteed review of your book, please check out our Paranormal Cravings Book Tours to promote and sell your book.
  3. I mostly accept Advance Reader Copies for review and they must be received 30 days (for a print copy) or 15 days (for a digital copy) prior to the release date. Any ARCs received after that point will receive no guarantees.



If you would like to submit a review, please check out the following guidelines

  1. We will agree the posting date of your review with you. To have a review posted by a particular date, we must receive your book at least 30 days prior to the requested date. We will make every effort to post on your requested date, but all dates are subject to change without notice.
  1. Print copies can be sent to our main office in The Netherlands, Europe. See contact page for mailing address.
  1. Sending a book for review without prior communication (form) does not guarantee a review.
  1. Paranormal Cravings own the copyright to all reviews, but Authors have permission to re-post any review/or part of the review. It you do so, we would appreciate it if you would link back to the review and/or Paranormal Cravings site.
  2. Our reviews will be posted on Paranormal, our E-magazine “Paranormal Cravings review E-Magazine“, AmazonGoodreadsTwitter, Paranormal Craving’s Facebook page, cover picture on Pinterest page and occasionally a blog post on Instagram.
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 = Poor “Pass on this one”
 = Below average “May struggle to finish”
 = Average “A pleasant read”
 = Good “A page-turner this one you must buy”

= Gold “Best there is!” Probably nominated for our PC book awards

DNF– Did Not Finish



We don’t send prizes to winners. We will send the winner’s details to you and you are responsible for delivering them the prize.
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Submit you book review or post.


Reviews must be written in English:

Although reviews must be written in the English language, they don’t have to be perfect and I’m happy to tidy up any minor grammar errors. Although my grammar is far from perfect and I’m simply happy that it’s improving all the time.

Reviews must be a minimum of 150 words:

We think about 150 words upwards is perfect for a basic review, but there’s no upper limit. Wax lyrical if you please, we welcome long winded wordy reviews, I love a bit of a meander myself.

Reviews must be original content:

By that we mean it must be written uniquely by you and we ask that it is unpublished anywhere else on the Internet before we publish it. What you do with it afterwards is really up to you, it’s yours after all.

Consider spoilers:

Please let us know if your review contains spoilers so we can let others know and they can make an informed choice.

Submit a picture:

Remember in school when you were eight and you had to write a book review, and draw a picture of the cover? Yeah, that! Submit a drawing of the cover for extra brownie points. This is just for fun; please don’t feel any artistic pressure and this step can be skipped, or you can send in a reading photo related to the book and we’ll add that!

Send it to us:

To submit a review just send it using the form below and we’ll try and publish as many as we can. We’ll pick our favourite contributors from time to time; people who submit often; dazzling reviews; interesting submissions, and we’ll send out small prizes so use an email address we can contact you back on (we won’t spam or add you to any mailing lists).


All post will be evaluated before being released on the site.

We are super excited to announce our new cover breakdown posts for new book cover releases. This is a FREE service to promote NEW book covers.

Cover Breakdown POSTS

SIGN up your book covers till end this year.

All you need to do is download the word file, fill it out and upload it via the form. We will confirm the date we post your cover breakdown post and send you a link. You can send in your cover breakdown till end this year! So don’t worry if your cover is not yet finished. You can send them till end this year.

Tip: Publishers: You can upload max. 5 word COVER BREAK DOWN -files in one form upload. But feel free to send this email or just the word-file to your authors.

How does this work?
– Make sure it is for a New Cover (max 2 months old or TO BE RELEASED)
Download the word-file here: DOWNLOAD
Release your creativity on the texts. We will design the graphics for you!
Upload your file, cover image and select post date here: UPLOAD
– Upload Max. 5 files/books at a time
– We will confirm your post date(s) and send a link to the post.
– On your selected date: Your cover post is published on our site FOR FREE.

p.s. We will only use your cover on the date of the post. Not before. Are covers are confidential. So don’t worry about the release of the cover before your own cover release dates.

You can use all graphics and links from your posts on our site for your own (publishers) use!

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