What is a Virtual Book Tour?

It’s much like a regular book tour where you go from venue to venue but in this case it’s from Blog to Blog. These blogs have regular readers who love to hear about new books! We then promote on our facebook page, Facebook Group Pinterest, Twitter. Some Blog Hosts promote their stops also on Twitter and Facebook. Reviews are also sometimes posted on AMAZON and GOODREADS repending if the reviewers has an account there.


Do you work with Independent Authors?

We work with both Indie and conventional authors as long as it is a well written and professionally edited story.


I can’t find my Media Kit start up file

Don’t worry! You can download here a new one [download]


I can’t find my Character Profile file

Don’t worry! You can download here a new one [download]


What if we have only published digitally?

Our bloggers love e-books and in this day in age so do most other people.


How does a tour at Paranormal Cravings work?

Here is in short the routine we do for scheduling the tours

  1. Send the author a confirmation of the tour request (We send you a WORD-DOC to fill out with all info)
  2. We confirm you the actual TOUR period/date
  3. Progress your returned WORD-DOC. (In this stage we like to have received from you all info, images, giveaway info and review copies)
  4. We set up the Tour page on Paranormal Cravings where Blog Hosts can sign up for your tour or find info. This is also the place where you find your up-to-date tour schedule and changes.
  5. Send out the newsletter to all our 600+ Blog Hosts with your tour info, links, about, cover and Sign – up Button.
  6. We receive the replies from the Blog Hosts
  7. We email the Author a DRAFT Tour Schedule, and make changes if necessary.
    <–Point of no return–>
  8. We have a GO at this point from the Author to send out confirmations together with the review copies that we have received from you/ or we send you a list with contacts so the author, publisher or third like Netgalley or Edelweiss can send out the review copies/download options. 
  9. Send CONFIRMATION EMAIL to all participating bloggers: The final tour schedule with MEDIA KIT, review copies, excerpts, buy and contact links, about, blurb etc.
  10. We collect all interviews from the bloggers and specs from bloggers who opted for a Guest post and send them to the author.
  11. We send the author an LINK to the Online PROGRESS FILE of the tour: an update with the how’s and when’s- neat list of stops/dates and guest post that have to be written by author, interviews that have to be filled out etc. For a promo the author don’t have to do anything.
  12. ONE WEEK BEFOR THE TOUR STARTS (If send later it can result in later posting dates or bloggers that will refuse to post): All guest posts and all interviews answers have to be send to the blog hosts by author. Email addresses of the bloggers can be found in your ONLINE TOUR SCHEDULE. Please contact if you miss a contact. BE AWARE: We don’t send bloggers Guest Posts. ONLY In case of emergency because we don’t have the luxury to check our email every day just like our bloghosts.**
  13. Before the tour start we send out a reminder to all bloggers (In case they are missing something, the book they signed-up to review was dissapointing or mail was send to SPAM box) With no news bloggers at this point, we are ready for your tour and your tour is ready to START!

** There are always some bloggers that have accidentally mis-scheduled, forgot, don’t received the confirmations or just don’t liked the book! There for we always try to schedule some extra stops in case one drops off or if we need to reschedule a blog host to an later date in the tour, But just as we, our tour hosts are working moms that do this for a hobby and don’t always have time to do things last-minute so be prepared and always send your texts in time to your blog hosts**


[button link=”http://www.pcbookreviews.com/book-tours/” color=”default”]start your book tour now[/button]


What does Paranormal Cravings do during the tour?

We visit each tour stop to make sure the post is online. We update the tour page with all direct links to the tour stops for quick reference.
When a Blog Hosts has missed his or her stop we contact that blogger to reschedule. (we try to keep you updated. but we don’t email with every single small thing)
All CHANGES and UPDATES can be found on your TOUR PAGE!


When and how do I pay?

As soon as we send out the confirmations for your tour to the blog hosts and all is set then we send you a PayPal link for the Payment with a payment term of 15 days.


What do I have to do during the tour?

Please visit (when you can) each stop to comment/reply to questions from the readers of that website. If you have Social Media pages like Facebook and or Twitter then sharing is highly appriciated)


What is a Guest Post?

A guest post is a short piece of content the author writes for the Blog Hosts site/Readers (+/- 500 words or smaller). The subject can be requested by the blogger if they have event running or really looking for a type of subject. For example: What do you do, when not writing? But it also can we something about one character from your book or the research you have done! If no subject is requested then it is open for you to pick your own subject (with your guest post, the tour host often also place your cover and book blurb with links info).


How do the interviews work?

When I have recieved the questions from the Blog Hosts I send them to you. Please send the answers back when you can.


What is a Promo?

A promotional post. Containing Cover picture, Blurb, Contact and Buy links, about the author and sometimes an Excerpt (mostly with the Tour Giveaway)
As an author you don’t have to do anything for these stops. We send the Bloggers all info.


Can I send my Review copies via Netgalley or Edelweiss to the blog Hosts that are hosting my tour?



What formats do you need for the review?

KINDLE via Amazon (or PDF, Epub and Mobi)



We try to send our review copies as much as possible SAVE. This means we try to send them as much as possible via Amazon (Kindle). For us to send you the review copies and Arc’s to your kindle please add booktours@paranormalcravings.com to your approved sender’s list:
1.) Go to Your Account link on Amazon.com.
2.) Scroll down to and click on Manage Your Content and Devices.
3.) On the next page, click on the Settings tab.
4.) On the next screen, scroll down to Personal Document Settings. Listed below that are your Kindle devices, and below that is Approved Personal Document E-mail List. Click on the link that says ‘Add a new approved e-mail address’.
5.) Add the following address – booktours@paranormalcravings.com


We ask each blog hosts to agree to the following when signing up for participating a book tour scheduled with Paranormal Cravings

By electronically signing below (selecting I agree), I agree to the following: If an ARC from Paranormal Cravings Book Tours is received for the purpose of reviewing, it will remain confidential and will not be reproduced, traded, copied or sold. I will respect the author’s wishes and not divulge the plot or the ending, being careful not to include spoilers in my review. I also agree to post my review on the day of my scheduled posting, including posting the review on my blog, Amazon and social media (Facebook, Twitter). * I am aware of your tolerance policy for not posting and know that I may be banned from future book tours if I do not post without notice.


Giveaway (optional)

  • Giveaways are optional but they do increase participation from readers
  • Giveaway promotions are administered via Rafflecopter
  • Rafflecopter event will last for a period of five days.
  • The purchase and distribution of the giveaway prizes are the author’s responsibility
  • Paranormal Cravings will create and manage the Rafflecopterevent
  • We will draw the individual winners and provide their information to the author. It is the author’s responsibility to notify the winners via email.


What do you suggest as Giveaway/Tour Giveaway?

For a small tour: 1 printed or e-copy, or swag (or more)
For a Medium Tour: 2 printed or e-copy, or e-copy for each tour stop
For a Big Bang Tour (1 month): 3 printed or e-copy, or big swag, SET if it is a series.
(sometimes a small gift is offered for the participating blog hosts, Amazon GC)


How can I offer a Giveaway/Tour Giveaway?

We use Rafflecopter (https://www.rafflecopter.com) . We can set you up to offer one prize tour package or one prize to multiple tour winners. The winners will be random chosen at the end of the tour via the raffle site. We will email you the winners at the end of the tour so the tour organizer can send out the prizes.


Some Tour Hosts are not posting the Tour Giveaway with their post!

Not all blog types are supporting Rafflecopter giveaways. Not all Blog Hosts choose to post the Giveaway with their posts!


Are there special discounts for publishers?

Yes if you will be touring multiple book. Please contact us for more information.


Where can I find the tours?

On the bottom of the HOME PAGE or follow the links here below.

All Tours

All running tours

All upcoming tours/or being scheduled

Book Tours – Archive


How do the tour banners look like?



How do I add other admins to my Facebook Page?

To add an admin to your Page, you have to be a manager-level admin. To add an admin:

  1. Click Edit Page at the top of your Page.
  2. Select Manage Admin Roles.
  3. If the new admin is your Facebook friend, begin typing their name and select them from the list that appears. If the new admin is not your Facebook friend, enter their email address.
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  5. Click Save and enter your password to confirm.

The new admin can accept or reject the admin invite by going to facebook.com/pages and clickingInvites at the top. Depending on their settings, they may also receive a notification to the right of their News Feed or an email.