Looking to increase the visibility of your books? Want to solidify your brand?

We offer all info in a online schedule with online folder. You get acces to our data. This way we have one source of files and we all work with the same schedule and info. We offer a time-table to see what we have done and for which authors.

Publicist Services

– Email Management
– Promotional Schedule Management
– Social Media Management
– Newsletter Management
– Review Solicitation
– Press Releases
– Event Booking
– Website/Blog Maintenance
– Advertising Graphics
– Audio Book Proofing
– Stacked Advertising Submissions
– ARC Management
– Beta Reader Coordination
– Copyright Filing
–  And much more!



There are two ways you can work with us. We have set up the following for our publicist services where pricing is concerned.

  1. Some authors choose to pay us hourly for however many hours we work a month. This is on a month-to-month basis contract. Some of the authors on this payment plan give us a number of hours we can work a month to work with their budget based on the hourly wage we charge. Others just tell us to go with no limitations.

– On demand: $15.00 per hour
– 2 hours a month: $30.00
– 4 hours a month: $40.00
– 8 hours a month: $80.00
– 20 hours a month: $200.00