Why not let me help you to promote your book?

As you probably already know, writing a book involves a lot of time and effort. The trouble is, many great authors work hard to create a wonderful book, yet their work never receives the recognition it deserves. Often this is because they lack marketing skills, or they don’t have the time to promote their work. Why let this happen to you when you have worked so hard to write your book in the first place?


The Best Online PA Packages for author's

We can work together on a monthly basis, to achieve the results you want.

Virtual Author Assistant/PR for Authors

Daily tasks such as dealing with email, updating your social media accounts, blog promotion etc., are important. But as a writer, you already know how time consuming these activities can be. The good news is, it actually costs very little to have them taken care of for you. I can help you out for as little as $15 a month.


– Email Management
– Promotional Schedule Management
– Social Media Management
– Newsletter Management
– Review Solicitation
– Press Releases
– Event Booking
– Website/Blog Maintenance
– Advertising Graphics
– Audio Book Proofing
– Stacked Advertising Submissions
– ARC Management
– Beta Reader Coordination
– Copyright Filing
–  And much more!

[lvca_heading heading=”Month Packages” short_text=”You know what you need and have more then one book to promote.”]


– 6 months for $500 (Jan 1, 2018 – Jun 30, 2018)
– 6 months for $500 (Jul 1, 2018 – Dec 31, 2018)
– 1 Year for $1000 (Jan 1, 2018– Dec 31, 2018)

[lvca_heading heading=”Hour Rate” short_text=”Just order what you need at this time: “]

– On demand: $15.00 per hour
– 2 hours a month: $30.00
– 4 hours a month: $40.00
– 8 hours a month: $80.00

[lvca_heading heading=”Inbox rescue for Authors”]

In need of help? Thousands of emails, piling up and bursting at the inbox-seams?  The author should be writing, let me worry about your inbox!Think off high priority emails, fan email, handle requests for swag, personal message emails. Or lists and respond dates for promotional appearances.

$75 (First Time) up-to 500 emails
$100 over 500 emails
$15 maintenance (hour/week)

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