#Review – Deception (Facets of Feyrie #3) by Zoe Parker

#Review – Deception (Facets of Feyrie #3) by Zoe Parker


The dark is angry…

Jameson, the dummy, went off chasing boobs so now I’m chasing a boob too—him.
Every road, so far, ends at a dead end or with someone dead at the end. Mostly the latter. My patience is growing short and so is time.
As Phobe blithely reminds me with his sharp smile, there’s a reason the Sidhe chose me and that reason leaves me covered in blood.
When I finally find the people who took my nerd—I realize the depth of deception.

Betrayed unexpectedly, the hurt calls forth the angry darkness sleeping inside of me. I’m not sure how much longer I can hold it back, or if I even want to anymore.
Not when the father of Darkness smiles the way he does at me, wanting me to give in. And the people responsible for ALL the pain and hurt in my life are only a few dead bodies away.


Deception - Facets of Feyrie Book 3)

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  • Slow ....and frustrating dry spell

How can there be a five day heat cicle without any romantic/bed scenes. A hint for a shower scene that included a hole in the wall because Phobe had to have her. I can’t tell you more. BECAUSE that scene was totally skipped and not included in this book 🙁 That really sucks….the missing Phobe was a nice part i took with hook and sinker to be dissapointed about the way Phobe returned….so all with all 3 stars and a little mehhh

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