Bonds of Cupidity: A Fantasy Reverse Harem Story (Heart Hassle #2) by Raven Kennedy

Bonds of Cupidity: A Fantasy Reverse Harem Story (Heart Hassle #2) by Raven Kennedy

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Note to my stupid cupid self: The next time I go and anchor myself to a hot covey, make sure those anchors aren’t about to compete in a fight to the death.

Yeah. Total downer.

I have a body now and I don’t intend to lose it. I also don’t intend to lose the genfins that I’ve grown so attached to. So it’s time to return to the kingdom island and hope like hell that my guys make it through the royal trials of the culling. I also have to hope that the prince of the realm doesn’t spot me. If he does, I’m pretty sure I have imprisonment and torture to look forward to.

But we can make it through this. I know we can. I’m at least 70% sure we can, anyway. Okay, maybe it’s more like fifty-fifty. But after we do? Well, my to-do list is long, but convincing my genfins that they belong with me is pretty high up there. So is dessert. And trying some fairy wine. And skinny dipping. Also sex. Lots and lots of sex.

But mostly, I just want what I’ve always wanted—to have love of my own. Wings crossed that the genfins get on board with that plan. This cupid has her work cut out for her.

Author’s note: This is the second book of the Heart Hassle Series, so there is a cliffhanger. Be warned. This is a reverse harem story and includes sexually explicit scenes and mature language. Intended for ages 18 years and older.


“They’re…they’re stuck together at their butts. They’re butt-stuck. At the butt cheeks. They’re naked. Penises. I can see their penises. They’re identical,” For some reason, I feel like this all needs to be said. – by Raven Kennedy

“I’m invisible, I’m invisible, I’m invisible…” ​Peeling open one eye, I look at the genfins. They stare back at my still-solid body. “Dammit.” ​“You thought you could just repeat, ‘I’m invisible’ and that would work?” Evert asks with a grin on his face. ​“It’s called speaking something into reality, Evert,” I snap. ​“Mmmhmm. And how’s that normally work out for you?” ​“Well, this was my first time trying it, but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna work.” ​He barely holds in his laughter. “Then by all means,” he waves his hand out. “Please continue.” – by Raven Kennedy


Kindle Edition, 208 pages
Published August 29th 2018
Language: English
Series: Knotted #1

Bonds of Cupidity

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What's good

  • Great characters
  • Humor
  • Romantics

What's bad

  • Lot's of fillers
  • Some minor editing issues

I loved this book! Even better than the first. I love her men and all the other characters as well. The world building and creatures are amazing. Emelle the main character is pretty hysterical as well!

About the Author

Raven Kennedy likes writing and reading and chocolate-bar-eating. Dark chocolate. Get out of here with that other stuff. She also likes to take long walks on the beach. Not really. She lives in the desert. The only water there is the wavy stuff that comes with a mirage. But I’m sure if there was a beach nearby, she’d walk then. Probably. Maybe. Her first book is Signs of Cupidity, the first of a series. She hopes you enjoy it! More books will be released soon!