Demon Flames (Resurrection Chronicles Book 2) by M.J. Haag

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Demon Flames

Resurrection Chronicles, Book 2


As hellhounds continue to roam and the zombie plague spreads, Drav leads Mya to the source of her troubles—Ernisi, an underground Atlantis and Drav’s home.  There Mya learns that the shadowy demons, who’ve helped devastate her world, are not what they seem.

Trapped in Ernisi, Mya tries to convince Drav to return her to the surface so she can continue her search for her family.  However, he’s determined to keep her where he knows she’ll be safe.  When Mya falls ill, Drav must choose between her and his people.

Our View

Amazing. Couldn’t put it down. This second installment is a little more advanced, the two main character coming more closer together then ever. Although there is more romance then in this first book it still gives the fibes and excitement i really enjoy reading. Of Course i hope more on the romance department will follow. Because the third installment is already on Amazon I thought it was already published. Wrong. December… Pff long wait but I am sure it is worth it 🙂 The third installment is high on my to read list for our next series review on our site. This is an amazing paranormal romance I like to recommend to my friends and readers. …

P.s. I am not sure how i feel about it that there are only three books. Great to know we are heading to the ending…. NOT so great … I am power reading this series and i need to slow down… This is going to fast only ONE Book left… iekkkkkkkk.



Demon Flames

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What's good

  • Main Characters
  • World Building
  • Romance

What's bad

  • Repeating of events - Bathroom breaks

**Recommended for adult readers
***Book 2 of 3

Intended for mature readers due to violence (zombie deaths), and strong language (it’s the end of the world…you gotta swear at that), and some crude humor.


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About the Author

PortraitMJ Haag is the pen name for Melissa Haag, a multi-published author of three series. As MJ Haag she writes adult paranormal/fantasy romance. The Beastly Tales starts with Depravity, publishing June 2015. There are 2 more books in this series. Deceit publishes July 2015 and Devastation in August 2015.

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As Melissa Haag she’s the bestselling author of the YA paranormal romance Judgement of the Six series and the Judgement of the Six Companion Series. Check out her YA books at

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