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Book Quote Wednesday – MJ Gardner

Book Quote Wednesday – MJ Gardner

Joe Vampire 

Darkness & Light, Book 2

Hi, my name is Joe. Come on in. Yeah, this is my room, that little corner of MJ’s head that I inhabit.

MJ? Oh, she thinks she made me up, like I’m not real. I dunno, maybe she did. Or maybe I’m real, and I made her up.

Anyway, pull up a chair. Yeah, I’ll turn the music down. I got some stories to tell you, like you wouldn’t believe. Stuff about me and Evelyn. Yeah, some of it’s kind of personal, but—hey!—maybe you need to know this stuff. Maybe some day you’ll be in a relationship with a vampire too. Who knows?

Haven’t read Evelyn’s Journal yet? I highly recommend it. Just don’t let her catch you.

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MJ Gardner

MJ Gardner

MJ Gardner is a web developer by day, who lays in bed at night and wonders, what if….? Her stories have been published in Mad Scientist Journal, Luna Station Quarterly, Plan B and Saturday Night Reader. She self-published her first novel, Evelyn’s Journal in 2015 and the sequel, Joe Vampire, in 2017. She also publishes a movie review blog called Movies Off the Beaten Path.

Gardner has an undergrad degree in English and Classics (Greek & Roman studies) and wrote her Master’s thesis on The Vampire in English Literature. She taught English literature and technical writing at the post secondary level.

Gardner currently lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada with her partner of 17 years and her cat Zoom. She is also the virtual curator of The Suicide Museum.

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