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Guest Post by Author Alexandra Wright

Guest Post by Author Alexandra Wright




I’ve always been drawn to stories with an element of fantasy and the paranormal. I suppose it’s an ingrained belief that

extraordinary things can happen to the most ordinary of us. From loving The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings as a child, to being utterly absorbed by the romance and social commentary of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, I learned to appreciate romance with fantasy – and indeed, in some cases, the darker elements that drive us.

I didn’t start getting into contemporary paranormal fantasy fiction until a little later in my journey, following the Twilight/Hunger Games/Harry Potter revolution. Those books introduced an entire techno-centric generation to reading, and filled our minds with all sorts of self-potential. They opened worlds of entertainment and produced fiction that pushes the boundaries and makes the reader believe, if only for a second, that anything is possible – I love that. And, as I’ve mentioned, I’m a sucker for romance, so naturally, I’m drawn to reading, and writing, YA/NA paranormal fantasy romance.

Strong female leads and heroes with depth, intelligence and humanity are my favorite characters to read and write. And who doesn’t love a good love triangle? Lucky for me, there are so many brilliant YA/NA novels out there with characters and story lines that fit the bill, and they give me inspiration for my own books.

It’s an exciting time to be a YA/NA reader and author. I hope you enjoy reading Collision as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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  • Genre: YA/NA Paranormal
  • Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group



Eighteen-year-old, tell-it-like-it-is Ella Beuchene is about to graduate from a prestigious high school, and yet she’s never felt more trapped. Her family is hell-bent on forcing her into a future she doesn’t want. Her boyfriend no longer gets her. And her best friend is keeping something secret. Something that could shatter their friendship for good. Ella is desperate to escape her “privileged” existence.

Then, one warm summer night, Ella finds herself in the woods behind her house. The forest is lusher than ever before, the creatures of the night louder, and the moon brighter. Beneath its green canopy, she meets a mysterious, striking stranger. A man who gets her, who shifts her perspective of the world, and

who…wait for it…glows in the dark.

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From that moment on, Ella’s not sure that it’s just her life she wants to escape. It may be her world.


Alexandra Wright has been writing since she could put pen to paper. Growing up in Sydney, Australia, she took pleasure in playing the piano, singing, the arts, languages, cooking and, of course, she spent a great deal of time reading and writing. Having so many interests meant her career aspirations had a habit of changing, but her profession eventually chose her. An incurable obsession with literature, her earliest and most enduring passion, led her to pursue a career as a novelist. While she dabbled in writing short stories and novellas as a child and teen, she began writing full-length novels as an adult. Being a child at heart, and an educator of young children, it was a natural progression for her to move in to writing fiction for children and young adults.

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