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Loving Them (Wings of Artemis 5) by Rebecca Royce has released!

Loving Them (Wings of Artemis 5) by Rebecca Royce has released!

Loving Them (Wings of Artemis 5) has released!
Saved from a life of suffering, Paloma Delacroix is determined to make the best life possible for herself, and for the four men she loves. Loving them is a challenge she never dreamed she’d be up for and one she refuses to fail. Before they can kickstart the life they all dream of, Thomas, Clay, Keith and Quinn McQueen will take Paloma back to Mars Station. They have the whole of the Sandler armada to defeat.With the help of family, friends, and lost allies, they just might make it work…if they can survive their wedding day.
Content warning: Reverse Harem. Intense.

Wings of Artemis has been designed to be started at any time during the series but for those of you who like to read in order, the release order of the books is:
Kidnapped By Her Husbands
Rescued By Their Wife
Crashing Into Destiny
Meeting Them
Reclaiming Their Love
 Loving Them
 Ship Called Malice (coming soon)
 Saving Them (coming soon.)

As a reminder, I also have a book on pre-order! Past Be Damned (Last Hope 2) will be coming out July 18th. You can pre-order it now!

Past Be Damned (Last Hope #2)
is coming out on July 18th.
It is the end of days…
Ripped from her life and her loves, Teagan spent five hellish years in a demon infested mine. The darkness she experienced, living on within her long after her rescue. Lost without her loves, she worries as the darkness grows—she will not become the evil they have faced. Sacrificing her identity will protect those she is supposed to serve…and after everything else she’s paid, Teagan sees no other choice.
They will never give up…
Thaddeus, Aidan, Noah, Eric, and Brody live for one reason—revenge. They will destroy Sister Superior for her part in the death of their love. Battle and hate fill the void where their Sister should be, but when they get word that Teagan might be alive—nothing will stand between them and the woman they love.
The first book in the series is for sale and is called
Tradition Be Damned (Last Hope 1)

And I am very pleased to announce that very soon you will be able to buy the 3rdbook in the series, Destiny Be Damned (Last Hope 3) that will be releasing September 26th!

If you like my books…. I’d like to suggest that you read…

Two By Two
by Gina Wynn
A match made in…outer space.

When things at Absolution, the bar on space station The Salvation, take a turn for the strange, witch Penelope Hardacre is thrust into the wacky world of matchmaking. Without the meddling of bar owner Geraldine’s alternate personality, Gerald, it should have all been so easy. But, weres with weres, vamps with vamps, fairies with fairies… Penny’s ordered to pair them all without choice. Is she willing to compromise all of her morals to maintain her safety from Gerald, and what should she do with her best friend Vincent—the kind of fanged best friend who makes her feel safe and loved…and jealous? On The Salvation, two by two won’t be quite what Noah had in mind.

…I absolutely loved it and I think it will appeal to the readers who enjoy Wings of Artemis!

Thanks so much for celebrating my release day with me and I hope you like Loving Them (Wings of Artemis 5)
Rebecca Royce
What is Rebecca Reading?

Burning Ember by Sara Arden*I love this book so much so far!*

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Sophie Benedict was sixteen when she was burned in the house fire that killed her parents and eight years later, while the scars on her skin have healed, those on her soul haven’t. Working as a licensed therapist online, it keeps her away from face to face interaction. She’s more comfortable with other people’s pain than her own. Hayden Cole was the rookie fireman who hesitated—it was his first call. While ultimately he saved her, he believes everything that’s happened to her belongs squarely on his shoulders. He’d do anything to make it right. As he begins to coax her out of the darkness and into the light, Hayden realizes that he was the one who was lost. Only their love can burn away the shadows that threaten to swallow them both.

The second book in this series is also available entitled Rekindled Ember.


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