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Rune Alexander Series by Laken Cane

Rune Alexander Series by Laken Cane

A new hot spanking new series ready for you to read. Already 8 books are published so you can just jump in and start reading without waiting ūüôā

Shiv Crew (Rune Alexander, #1)

Shiv Crew (Rune Alexander #1)

Rune Alexander wants to get through her days doing her job, which is protecting the humans against the myriad of supernatural creatures, known as Others, who exist uneasily in a human’s world.

But she is unstable and damaged. She realizes how broken she is even as she continues to submit to the unspeakable things her lover does to her, craving desperately the strange peace she finds in the aftermath.

When she discovers things are not as they seem and a faceless human is torturing the supernatural groups in her city, she and her crew must break the rules and begin to protect the Others from the humans.

But as the darkness inside her becomes stronger and she ends up on the wrong side of a battle she must not lose, who will save Rune from herself?






Blood and Bite (Rune Alexander #2)

Shiv Crew is back in book two of the Rune Alexander series. 

Rune and the crew–some of them a little healthier, some of them a little more battered–take on new monsters and unbelievable surprises in Blood and Bite.

While Rune is keeping her promise to Ellis and trying to get her mind fixed, the berserker goes away to take care of some business–mysterious business he doesn’t share with Shiv Crew.

What he brings back with him knocks the wind out of Rune and makes her question everything she thought she knew about Strad Matheson.

But the worst is yet to come.

With a mad vampire master she must destroy, a child she must save, and unimaginable screams from a past she has to ignore, Rune has her hands full. But there is always something new and terrible waiting in River County–waiting, it seems, just for her.

Because just when she thinks she can’t possibly handle one more terrible thing, she discovers a shocking truth about herself, her blood, and her bite.

Strange Trouble (Rune Alexander #3)

Strange Trouble (Rune Alexander #3)

A baby necromancer calls her mother from the grave, starting a zombie infestation Rune and the crew are not prepared to handle.

But as always, they jump headlong into battle–a battle that will lead into some of the darkest moments of Rune’s life. Moments that will shatter her tenuous grip on sanity and make her long for the man whose abuse allowed her to function.

And when she falls, the berserker is there to catch her. To bring her back. To give her what she needs.

The zombies are just the beginning. Worse even than the zombies is what comes after–a nightmare witch named Damascus, a horrific decision, and death.

Always, death.

As she is given another jagged piece to the puzzle of her past, Rune knows that despite its best attempts, life doesn’t have the ability to destroy her–though she offers it all the help it might need.

With Strad Matheson and the crew behind her, Rune will stride through hell, horror, and the endless, black despair of her own mind to show the monsters why Shiv Crew is the scariest group of warriors they will ever face…



Obsidian Wings (Rune Alexander, #4)

Obsidian Wings (Rune Alexander #4)

Gruesome murders begin to pop up in River County, and Rune is introduced to the bird shifters–to one bird in particular, a woman named Cree Stark.

When she gets a whiff of the shifters’ scents where COS had been executing a grisly sacrifice, Rune begins to suspect the birds know more about the slayers–and the twins–than they’re willing to admit.

Nothing is more important to Shiv Crew than finding Levi and Denim, but when Lex psychically connects with the twins, it isn’t good news she brings back.

As always, COS is at the center of it all.

The world is beginning to look at the church differently, thanks to the tireless work of Bill Rice and others like him. The humans’ acceptance is turning to fear.

And what people fear, they hate.

What the slayers are planning next will either finish them for good or give them everything they’ve ever wanted–Karin Love and unchallenged power.

Rune and the crew race against time to save River County from the biggest monster they’ve faced yet.
If they fail, the church will be closer than ever to their dream of creating an Otherless world.

In Obsidian Wings, Rune hides a devastating physical weakness, makes an important choice in her love life, and gains a new understanding that will help her face the future.

No matter what happens, their world is changing.
The crew is growing.  And so is Rune Alexander.


Wormwood Echoes (Rune Alexander, #6)

Wormwood Echoes (Rune Alexander #6)

After all she’s been through, Rune Alexander thinks she can handle anything life may throw at her.¬†But when a mysterious disease begins to destroy the River County Others, she must gear up for trouble unlike any she’s ever seen.¬†Trouble that may force her to leave her world for an unfamiliar, hostile place inhabited by a terrifying enemy.
A world in which Damascus holds the power.

Rune knows if she’s pulled into Damascus’s world, she may never find her way back.¬†But if she doesn’t go, the Others will die.¬†All Others.

In book 6 of the Rune Alexander series, Rune must accept the fact that things are about to change. Decisions will be made. Hearts will shatter.People will die. As always, Rune and Shiv Crew will fight like the warriors they are to defeat the evil, stay together, and keep each other alive. But this time, their fight will not be enough.

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The Witch's Daughter (Rune Alexander, #7)

The Witch’s Daughter¬†(Rune Alexander #7)

In book seven of the Rune Alexander series, Rune meets new allies, enters a bizarre and vaguely familiar world, and realizes all over again that she can never really trust anyone.

Except, maybe, the one she lost…

Sucked into Skyll by the echoes of Wormwood, she must complete a very important task in order to return to the world in which she belongs. She realizes that when she does return, her world will be changed.

If she returns.

If…because Skyll contains something more ¬†precious to her than anything in ANY world.¬†But the Others of her world–all Others, including¬†those she loves–will die if she stays.
Either way, her choice will shatter not only her, but those who love her.

Those who need her.

Join Rune as she walks through the world of her¬†creation. She’ll find old faces and new enemies,¬†will uncover bitter secrets, and will have to fight¬†horror without her monster or her crew.
She will come to understand quickly that torture and despair are the rule, and that tiny silver threads of hope are all that keep Skyll from plunging over the edge to be lost forever in the black depths of hell.


Killing Land (Rune Alexander, #8)

Killing Land (Rune Alexander #8)

byLaken Cane(Goodreads Author)

Ravaged by unfamiliar emotions and regretful of the choices she made, Rune Alexander begins life over back in River County, a place as harsh in its own way as the dark edge of hell from which she has returned.

She must now fight in a changed world where the Others have been nearly obliterated and the humans are on the hunt to wipe out those who remain.

Hurt in ways from which she will never recover, she struggles to remember who–and what–she is as she dives into savage battles with an incomplete crew and a heart scarred and battered by the savage, greedy world of Skyll.






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