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Review: Moon (New Species #10) by Laurann Dohner

Review: Moon (New Species #10) by Laurann Dohner

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Published: April 30th 2013 by Ellora’s Cave
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Book 10 again of this strange series that has captivated my attention from book 1. I don’t exactly know what it is why I like this series so much but I think the easy writing style and realistic characters are really a strong base. Before I start prasing Moon I will first explain in short what this series is all about in case you missed it.

A pharmaceutical company have been been doing illegal experiments, cross breading humans with animals (Apes, Dogs, Tigers). Many of these new species have been rescued after being experimented on/captured for years by the Humans from this pharmaceutical company

Now they have to start new,  Learn to life free, without test and bars that had held them captive and forced them to breed with their own kind but also humans. Being named by a name instead of their number and find out if they still fit in this for them new world.  Each member of this Species that has been rescued has his or her own story and Laurann Dohner can’t wait to tell you all about it!

A lovely series with the previous characters of the books returning in each new one book.  You are keep up-to – date with their lives. Together with the hot scenes a enjoyable collection of books.

Moon (New Species #10) by Laurann Dohner

Can only say LOVE IT!! Where can I get my own New Species ??

Moon, Book #10 of the New Species Series contains a surprising storyline. I have read all the books from this series and this is the first one the main characters have had sort of a relation/interaction before the main story begun. Moon is about Dr. Joyce Yards a therapist that was on a highly confidential mission to help the new species when they are just rescued. She is assigned to the very irresistible 466. 466 also later called Moon is a sexy canine/human who makes it hard for the doctor to keep their relationship professional. Their therapy sessions are growing hotter and hotter with each session till it breaks her up and Joy decides to leave before they can see where their relation can lead.

And there is where the real story begins. Joy gets a phone call that Moon has been drugged, by an unknown drugs. his memory shattered. Now he’s feral and a dangerous threat to everyone. They ask Joy to help and of course she can’t resist. There are no rules now. She is not his therapist anymore. Sex seems to tame the wild beast in Moon and triggers old memories to help him find his old self. The only thing she can do is help him and she is willing to try anything. Anything!

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Cover: I think this book don’t get enough credit for the stry because of this cover. The cover implice that the main strory line is erotic whyle there is so many more about Moon than just the hot scenes and sexy bodies.

 Moon releases on April 30th at Amazon and B&N. May 1st in the morning, it comes out at Ellorascave.

Like to know more about Laurann Dohner and her books.

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