Job Positions: Video blogger/reviewer


We are looking for a fun type of girl to help us out with the blog!
We are looking for several reviewers: Paranormal eBook Reviewer, Fiction Freebie’s Reviewer, Fiction YA Reviewer

But now we have a new one…

[styled_box title=”Video blogger/reviewer ” color=”blue”]How does it work? I have a list that I will send over to you, you can pick your own book and I will send it to you. We have also several publisher accounts where you can choose a book with the chance to read it before publishing date. If you have your own video blog and like to share your videos, that is ok too. Position would be available for any genre of fiction.

1) Capturing and filming your video blog
2) Editing your video blog
3) Sharing your video blog using youtube and promoting/working/customizing your channel.[/styled_box]


Check out [button href=”” align=”center”]REVIEWER POSITIONS PAGE[/button] for the other positions