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Review and Character piece: Merazar from Guardians of the Grimoire by Natasha Slight

Review and Character piece: Merazar from Guardians of the Grimoire by Natasha Slight


Today we have for you a review of Guardians of the Grimoire and the twentieth character of our Character Line-up Event this month. This is a not so nice and very haughty sorcerer! Meet Natasha Slight’s 

Merazar from Guardians of the Grimoire!

Name: Merazar
Occupation: Sorcerer to King Ludis.
Species: Human…for now.
Speaks: The language of the Ancients.
Age: I’d have to kill you if I told you.
Height: What difference does it make; I’m always hunched over my work.
Hair Color: Greasy black…just the way my mother liked it.
Eyes: Cold and black just like ebony.
Identifying physical marks: I’ve got a long, black beard through which I like to run my fingers when I’m thinking on how to escape the King’s tower

Day or Night: Oh, I’m a creature of the night.
Single or Taken: I need no companion.
Cat or Dog: Neither, they’re both a fuss to have around.
Gun or Knife: For stealth work a knife of course.
Upper body or Lower body: The upper body is exquisite for rituals.
Blond or Dark: Dark, of course.
Two legs or Four legs: Anything with four legs is unimportant.
Down town or Nature: Nature, especially at night beneath a red moon.
Bacon and eggs or Pancakes: Neither, bland porridge is all I require.
Lips or Neck: Ugh to both.
Dead or Alive: It depends on the situation.
Book Description: Rumors have spread among the immortals of a book that controls all the magic in both the human and spirit worlds. So what is the Spirit Mother to do when Kaël, a corrupt spirit, attempts to steal the Grimoire from her temple?
With no other option, she instructs Gaïa, a benevolent spirit, to hide the Grimoire in the human realm and to train three young girls in becoming the new guardians. Kerani, Tiluvia, and Cesca are awakened to their destinies, and thrust into a perilous journey as they race to Gaïa’s island. Accompanied by the Kal’rana sisters, the girls discover the magic that lies dormant within them. But fate plays a cruel twist on them, as their magical abilities are unleashed before they are ready, and disastrous consequences follow suit.
In a land shrouded in magic, and filled with as many friends as there are foes, will the girls be able to fulfill their destinies? Or will the balance of magic be thrown into chaos?
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 Guardians of the Grimoire by Natasha Slight 

Guardians of the Grimoire is a great young Paranormal Young Adult book that any reader of fantasy and paranormal will enjoy. This is a fanastic book for the young ones but also perfect for parents to read along with the children.

It’s always hard to review a Young Adult book because just face it I’am not really the kind of reader, that Guardians of the Grimoir is written for. But is it a big plus if an adult can enjoy a book just as much as the the children can. Guardians of the Grimoire is a lovely book you can read along with your kids.

Guardians of the Grimoire has everything you are looking as a paranormal Young Adult read. Amazing world-building full with magic and sorcery, realistic characters, fun and a strong plot with of course the paranormal being to make it extra fun to read.

I had a little trouble getting in to it, especially the beginning. It felt a little forced. First I thought I was reading some kind of epilogue but when the story continued I realized this already was the start of the actual story. After 20 pages did I have the idea that Guardians of the Grimoire really was beginning. And that was a little bit disappointing. I believe the book has to start with a bang/action thing to suck the reader right in to the story but with the forced explaining of the story and the introduction of a lot of new characters I didn’t get the chance to actually enjoy this book. The beginning at least.

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But after that the real story continued, and what a story was that! I was hooked. The world-building and characters are amazing. Missed maybe a little more description how the everybody (the girls and villain) looked. But further everything was drawn out in rich detail, making it easy for the reader to go along in to the story, besides the rich details of the story and events. The dialogues of this story are simple and easy to follow for our young ones. I have let my son also read a little piece of the story. Although he is very young, Guardians of the Grimoire was also for him easy to read.

Guardians of the Grimoire is a little short but maybe for the children it is a perfect length. This is an addicting story that pulls you in from almost the beginning. I am curious what next book of this series will bring. I hope for some more more dialogues from one of the girls, maybe from one person’s point of view and less overall story telling.

I look forward to reading more about the guardians and would recommend this book to anyone who loves YA  fantasy!

Paranormal Cravings REVIEW RATING: 
Bio: NATASHA SLIGHT has been an avid reader and collector of books for many years. As a stay-at-home mom she one day set out to write a story her children could read. The result of that trial is her debut novel GUARDIANS OF THE GRIMOIRE. Armed with a quirky sense of humor, Natasha writes to inspire, tap into the mind, and unleash the imagination within.
A seasoned traveler, Natasha is always attempting to learn new languages and discover various cultures. She grew up in a bilingual home where she spoke something called Frenglish, which made switching between French and English the norm. In high school, Natasha attempted Mandarin and still remembers a few lines her teacher taught her.
College was where she tackled Spanish. In her early twenties, Natasha lived in Haiti for two years where she learned Creole and was made fun of for her accent.
In 1999, she moved to Puerto Rico where her backyard was the sandy beaches of Old San Juan. This was followed by fourteen months in Jamaica and a short trip to the Cayman Islands. In 2007, she spent a memorable summer in Aachen, Germany where she learned a little German. Her weekends were filled with visits to nearby cities and countries. Paris (France), Maastricht (Netherlands), and every single castle that can be found along the Rhine River (Germany) are just a few of the places she visited. 2012 was the year her dream came true.
After spending a blissful week in Provence (South of France), Natasha was able to discover the beautiful countryside, friendly people, and wonderful food.Today, she lives in Montreal with her husband and two daughters, where she dreams of her next trip.Like to know more about Natasha Slight and her books.
Connect with Natasha: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
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