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Meet Lily from Bound (Bloodlust Series) by McKenzie Westwood!

Meet Lily from Bound (Bloodlust Series) by McKenzie Westwood!

“Fate might decide the outcome, but I decide when.”



Name: Lily
Occupation:  Prophet
Species:  Half-human, half-Ancient
Speaks: Many languages, old and new
Age: over 2,000 years old
Height: 5’11’’
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue/Green
Identifying physical marks: Two – the mark of the Prophet along my spine and the
armband I wear that helps control my powers that I can never take off.

Day or Night – Night, easier not to be seen
Single or Taken – Taken
Cat or Dog – have to say dog
Gun or Knife – Gun, I am a damn good shot
Upper body or Lower body – both
Blond or Dark – usually don’t care, but blond
Two legs or Four legs – two
Down town or Nature – nature, so I can ride my horse Talis
Love or Sex – both
Bacon and eggs or Pancakes – neither, not much of an eater, prefer fruit
Lips or Neck – both
Dead or Alive – Alive

“You don’t know me, dog, but keep up with what you are doing and I will make you hurt.”

Questions we asked Lily from Bound (Bloodlust Series) 
by McKenzie Westwood!


For those readers who may not know you, please tell them a few tidbits about Bound? 

Well, it’s a story about me finding the truth about my past and my destiny, which includes Charles. My father was a human and my mother a god so I was granted with the gift of foresight. But to achieve that gift, I had to meet Charles to unlock my powers. However, to unlock my powers meant putting my life in grave danger.

What did you do before the story begun?

I was a real estate agent by day and by night I searched the globe for an artifact that was destined to save my life.

What is your favorite part/memory?

Seeing Charles again after believing he was dead.

If you and your fated one would go on a date, where would it be and why?

That’s a funny question but I guess I could say horseback riding, we do that a lot now and Charles loves accompanying me.

What are your favorite weapons?

My Desert Eagle pistol. It’s got power and a weight that feels so right in my hands. Like an extension of my arm, I can defeat my enemies from a distance, especially if my enemy is throwing fireballs or something along those lines.

What/who would you never want to come across again?

That list is long, but if I had to choose one, it would be Narelle. Thought I was going to say Vojnich, but Narelle really got under my skin – the taunting and the fact that she and Charles was once an item – let’s just say I’m glad she’s gone.

If you could have a re-match. With who would that be?

Not so much a re-match but a one-on-one with Callista is on top of my list. Another soothsayer like myself, she’s playing both sides of the game for her own agenda.

How do you see your future?

Ha! Is this a trick question? I can see the future and it’s a dark one for us all.

Do you have to tell anything else noteworthy?

I guess that would be a lessons-learned sort of thing. My visions come and go when I am most relaxed, away from distractions, in a moment of pure calmness. Before my eyes, the landscape changes, the sounds morph into the sounds of a new place and time. At that moment I am no longer bound to this world but free exploring the realms of this universe, peering into the lives of others on the cusp of disaster. It is a curse sometimes but I carry this power on my shoulders with gratitude and comfort knowing that I can change the outcome of many things to pass – or set the ball rolling for others.


Book Description: This is the first installment in the Bloodlust Series.

Charles, a lone werewolf, mercenary, and rightful heir to the Lykan throne, is sent on a
mission to find a ‘prophet’ based on information that this person will stop the
rise of an all-powerful army. His mission crosses paths with Lily, the prophet
he is looking for but does not know it because she is his fated one — a curse
by the gods all Lykans are bound to, the existential quest to find their
predestined other half. Charles is torn between finding this ‘prophet’ and
finding a way to convince Lily to accept him in her life. Lily, on the other
hand, desperately tries to distance herself from the werewolf but cannot resist
the control he has over her. A conundrum like no other, Lily must hide her
secret while trying to dodge the enemy, find an ancient artifact that will help
save the world, and resist the temptation to take what is rightfully hers –
Charles. It is a tale of love but also of instinct and a dark, uncontrollable


a look inside…

Lily got up from the safety of the kitchen and aimed her pistol at the demon’s head, who now was squaring off with Charles, each waiting for who would attack first. With one pull of the trigger, the demon’s head exploded, causing blood, flesh and brain to splatter her walls and bookcases. She was a good shot and she smiled at her success. Charles turned to her in astonishment, not expecting the demon’s head to explode. Lily always packed high-explosive bullets; it always got the job done.

Now it was only her and him in the room; Charles stood staring with his chest heaving up and down from the fight. More demons might come, but if she ran, he would be hot on her heels. It was a split-second decision, no time to mull over anything. With the combination of adrenaline, fear, panic and booze, she released the clip in her pistol and replaced it with the clip of enchanted silver bullets made special for an occasion like this. Charles was not fast enough for the skilled prophet — years of protecting herself made this too easy. Three easy pulls of the trigger left Charles with three precise hits in the chest and abdomen. He fell back with force and did not get up.

Lily ran over to his unconscious body, checking to see if he was alive. She didn’t want to kill him, just buy some time. He was breathing but all the blood from the demons made it hard to see the wounds. No doubt he would heal fine, she had to tell herself. The bullets were made particularly for hunting werewolves, but Ancient Lykans were semi-impervious to silver so the metal did little long-term damage.

Lily paused to examine the rest of his body. The beast in him started to calm, his fangs not as threatening and his muscles ceased pulsating. He looked like he was in a deep and satisfying sleep — a calm expression. His upper body was a work of art, looking past the sweat and blood, chiselled to perfection — finely shaped pecks, washboard stomach and a v-shaped lower abdomen that disappeared below his beltline. Hair speckled his chest, trailing down to a path to the bulge in his pants. He was wearing a silver chain around his neck with a silver disc amulet…the moon.

Looking around, Lily did not dare look at the demons or what was left of them; the gruesome scene made her stomach churn. It was time to get out of there but as she was collecting her bags, she noticed something off on the horizon. Lily approached the edge of the smashed windows, wind whipping her hair around, stepping carefully trying not to get more blood on her. In the distance, winged creatures circled the air, about half a dozen Furies.

The apocalypse was descending upon her.

About the Author
McKenzie Westwood is a Toronto native who studied anthropology, fine art and geography in university. When she is not writing, McKenzie enjoys astronomy, theatre and a good movie. She is also an avid runner and lives with her husband and two cats.

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