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John Janté from the Blood Wings stories by Linda Mercury

John Janté from the Blood Wings stories by Linda Mercury

Name:  John Janté 
Occupation: Systems Engineer at the EuropeanOrganization for Nuclear Research aka CERN
Species: Not quite Human
Speaks: English, French, German
Age: Age is a mere number.
Height: Shorter than my boyfriend, damn it.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green



Choose what do you prefer:
Day or Night;
John says, “Tsk. Some of us embrace the power of ‘and’.  I have both a blond and a dark lover. How can I pick between the two?”


For those readers who may not know you, please tell them a few tidbits about the Blood Wings stories?

John: The Blood Wings series starts with the aptly named Dracula’s Secret, and then continues in Dracula’s Desires and Dracula Unleashed.
What did you do before the story begun?

John:  I was happily ensconced as a system administrator at CERN. Someone has to take care of all those computers and all that data the physicists create.

What is your favorite part/memory?

John: Ah, so many good things happened. Perhaps the most miraculous would be the coming together of my odd little family: me, a redeemed Fallen Angel, and of course, Valerie, the vampire.


If you and your partners would go on a date, where would it be and why?

John: Being French means I am the original romantic. We would spend our date in bed, drinking champagne, eating pastries, and making love.


What are your favorite weapons?

John: My right fist.

What/who would you never want to come across again?

John:The plant woman from my youth who nearly destroyed my life. 

If you could have a re-match. With who would that be?

John: Lucifer. I’d love to break his nose.

How do you see your future?

John: Full of love, sensuality, and destroying those who would prey upon the helpless.

Do you have to tell anything else noteworthy?

John: Wouldn’t you love to know just how a Frenchman, an angel, and a vampire save the world?

Dracula’s Secret (Blood Wings #1)
by Linda Mercury

BLURB: In a world where humans and paranormal creatures share an uneasy coexistence, Valerie Tate has a secret. Not only is she one of the last surviving vampires, she is also the Dracula of legend, having lived her life in disguise and eventually reverting to her natural, female form after going into exile during World War II.On the eve of a historic paranormal summit in Portland, Valerie has come to the city with one sole goal: to kill her brother, vampire Radu Tepes. Radu is about to announce his candidacy for the office of President, but he has secret, sinister motives for his desire to become the first vampire president of the United States.Valerie does not want to be distracted from her goal, but when she realizes Lance can lead her to Radu she becomes his bodyguard. But not all is as it seems, for Lance is no ordinary human. He is actually a Fallen Angel with paranormal abilities of his own, abilities that he will have to rediscover in time to save both his life and Valerie’s.

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