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Celia Graves from The Eldritch Conspiracy by C.T. Adams

Celia Graves from The Eldritch Conspiracy by C.T. Adams


Name:     Celia Graves

Occupation: Self-Employed Security Specialist/Bodyguard-

Species: Abomination (Human partially turned by vampire) and Siren.

Speaks:  English

Age:  Late twenties

Height:   5’10”

Hair Color:  Blonde

Eyes:   Storm Gray

Identifying physical marks:  Fangs.  Occasionally glowing red eyes.


Day or Night

Single or Taken

Cat or Dog


Upper body or Lower body

Coffee or Thee:

Two legs or Four legs

Downtown or Nature

Love or Sex

Bacon and eggs or Pancakes (NEITHER SADLY)

Lips or Neck

Dead or Alive




About Celia

Celia was a vanilla human with a screwed up family life and no paranormal talents.  She made her living as a high-end bodyguard, running her own company because she (a) likes being in control; (b) has some serious trust issues; and (c) has a serious problem with diplomacy.  In college she met the people who would form her core group of friends who are still close to her.

But the single most important thing to know about Celia is that she’s a survivor.  No matter how bad it gets (and it gets plenty bad – thanks to the death curse that was placed on her as a child), she is determined to find a way through for herself, and the people she cares for.


What did you do before the story begun?

Celia: Ran my business.


What is your favorite part/memory?

Celia: My favorite memories are of hanging out with my friends at La Cocina (a little hole in the wall of a Mexican restaurant near campus), drinking margaritas and talking about anything and everything.


If you and Bruno would go on a date, where would it be and why?

Celia: It depends on which guy.  Creede usually invites me to high-end, high class places where I have to dress up.  Bruno, on the other hand, is more unpredictable.  Sometimes we go to a nice restaurant, or a baseball game, or he might make me a home-made Italian meal run through the blender.  (Thank GOD I can still eat garlic!)

What are your favorite weapons?

Celia: I am a weapons geek.  Guns, knives, throwing stars, holy water guns, spell disks.  You name it, I’ll use it, and enjoy the process.
My favorite knives are a very special set that were made specifically for me by Bruno DeLucca and qualify as magical artifacts.  He had to bleed himself daily for FIVE YEARS to create them.  They are seriously bad-ass, and valuable enough that there are collectors who would kill to get their hands on them.


What/who would you never want to come across again?

Celia: Ghouls.  I’ve seen them tear a human being to pieces.  It’s not something you want to relive.


How does it feel that somebody wrote a book about you?

Celia: Totally bizarre and a little embarrassing.


And will we be reading about you in the future?

Celia: I asked the author about this one.  She says yes.  (Dammit.  Sigh.)



Professional bodyguard Celia Graves lives in an alternate California where vampires stalk the alleys at night, werewolves are dangerous animals to be feared and the police have witches and telepaths to help do their job. Of course, so do the criminals. Formerly a vanilla human, Celia was attacked by a master vampire determined to make her his own. He failed. But he left his mark on her life by turning her into an Abomination—half human and half vampire. He instilled in her a hunger for blood, the inability to eat solid food and an allergy to sunlight. The bite also activated a bloodline she didn’t know existed. She became a full fledged Pacific siren whose psychic call influences men and women. The Feds want her help, the cops want her imprisoned and the criminals want her dead. Isn’t life grand?

Read Sample ChapterThe Eldritch Conspiracy
Book 5, Siren Song Series
Publisher: Tor Books
Pub. Date: Coming Soon



CAT ADAMS is the pen name under which C.T. Adams has co-authored a number of books with Cathy L. Clamp including the popular Bloodsinger series and the book Magic’s Design.

As of 2014 C.T. Adams will be continuing the Bloodsinger series individually.

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