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Bastian from Nocturnal Surrender by Lorraine Pearl

Bastian from Nocturnal Surrender by Lorraine Pearl

Interview with the Vampire Bastian

Bastian kindly agreed to sit down with me, his author, to do this interview for the Book Characters Event at Paranormal Cravings. I told him that it was to help promote his new book, Nocturnal Surrender. I also explained that we would be going over some standard questions so everyone could get to know him better, but I had to compromise with him a little.

The only way he would do this was if he could be himself. I’ll warn everyone now; he has a bit of a dirty mouth sometimes. He promised to try toning it down, but we’ll see…


Lorraine: Okay, let’s get started with some simple questions.

Bastian crossed his arms, those massive biceps bulging out from under the tight sleeves of his black T-shirt, and rolled his eyes.


Bastian: Let’s just get this over with.

I sighed. This was going to be a long interview with that attitude of his.


Lorraine: Can you tell everyone your name, please?

Bastian: It’s Bastian Evanko—and don’t even think of calling me Bastard Evanko. You don’t want to piss me off.


Yep, we were off to a great start. I could only imagine how this might end.


Lorraine: And what’s your occupation?


Bastian: I’m a bartender at my brother’s sanguinarian nightclub, Nocturnal Surrender.


Lorraine: Could you tell us what species you are?


Bastian’s eyes grew wide and he bared his fangs as his irises shifted from blue to silver.


Bastian: What’s it look like?


Just when I thought he might try using those daggers in his mouth, he sat back and laughed.


Bastian: Seriously, what kind of question was that? You know I’m a vampire. Hell, that’s what you made me.


Lorraine: Remember, Bastian, this interview is for the readers. These are questions they need answered so they can decide if they want to spend some time with you or not.


Bastian: I still think this was a stupid idea. I don’t know how I let you talk me into it. I don’t have time for all this. I have to plot my revenge. I have a pretty little psychotherapist to kill, remember?


Lorraine: Way to score points. You could at least let everyone know you only want revenge because your fiancée was murdered two hundred years ago.


Bastian: I don’t owe anyone an explanation. Fu—


I held up my hand, trying to cut him off before he went too far. Thankfully, it worked.


Lorraine: Why don’t we get back to the questions?


When he nodded, I continued.


Lorraine: How old are you?


Bastian: Close to a thousand years old, but I’m not doing the math to figure out the exact number. I couldn’t even keep track when I was mortal.


Lorraine: How tall are you?


Bastian: Six foot two, I think. And I really don’t get what difference that makes.


I shot him a glare. He apparently got the point because he waved his hand for me to go on. I wanted to ask him why he was still vamped out, but I thought better of it.


Then without warning, he snatched the list of questions from me.


Bastian: Well, this just gets better, doesn’t it? Fine, here we go. Hair color: Blond. Eyes: Blue. Identifying physical marks…


He looked up at me then grinned mischievously.


Bastian: I don’t have any, but I could put a set of marks on you.


Lorraine: Uh, no. You can’t. You promised your girlfriend, Nicole, you wouldn’t feed on anyone other than her.


Time to change the subject.


Lorraine: I know what we’ll do. We’ll give the readers a snippet from the book of how Nicole described you the first time she met you.


Bastian: Yeah, I wouldn’t mind hearing that again.


Excerpt from Nocturnal Surrender: Palms sweaty, Nicole opened the door to the private room and invited the hulking man inside. At least he was good looking, but his size terrified her. Bulging biceps threatened to rip the sleeves of his blue T-shirt. Judging by those massive thighs, his jeans might split apart at any moment. The guy was all muscle, the body builder type, and he looked to be nearly a foot taller than her. A man like that could easily force himself on her.


Thank goodness they monitor these rooms.


But it was his silver contacts and prosthetic fangs that made her heart race. What kind of freak did this sort of thing? Did he really believe he was a vampire? Did he need psychiatric help?


Lorraine: Now let’s move on to—


Bastian: What the hell was that last part? I don’t remember her thinking that. I was listening to her thoughts here and there and—


Lorraine: Well, obviously you missed something. Serves you right for invading her privacy. Now like I said, we’re moving on. It’s time for some rapid-fire questions. I’ll give you two options and you choose which you prefer.


I didn’t wait for him to agree.


Day or Night: Night, of course.

Single or Taken: Definitely taken. Sorry ladies.

Cat or Dog: Well, dogs have more blood, so—


Lorraine: That’s not what I meant. Let’s just skip that one.


I’d forgotten he spent two hundred years in exile as a punishment and was only allowed to feed on animals during that time. I really feel bad for everything I put him through in his first book, but I have no intention of bringing that up with the mood he’s in.


Gun or Knife: Neither. My fangs are my weapons of choice.

Upper body or Lower body: You really want me to choose between tits and pus—

Blonde or Brunette: Ah, Nicole has the most beautiful long dark hair.

Two legs or Four legs: What the hell kind of question is that? I’m not into kinky shit.


Apparently Bastian couldn’t get his mind out of the gutter.


Lorraine: Maybe that question is more geared towards the shifters out there. Moving on.


Down town or Nature: Nature. I do miss Montana.

Love or Sex: Love…with sex. Is there a right answer here? Why do I feel like that’s a loaded question?


Lorraine: Maybe you’re just paranoid.


Bacon and eggs or Pancakes: Who doesn’t love bacon? Hell, I barely eat much human food and I love it. I can do without the eggs and pancakes, though.

Lips or Neck: Neck then lips. Or maybe that was lips then neck. But if I had to choose just one, you know I need the neck.

Dead or Alive: None of this undead bullshit. I am very much alive, thank you.


Lorraine: Okay, just a few more questions and we’ll be finished then you can—


Bastian: It’s about time. I haven’t fed in a while and your neck is starting to look very appetizing.


Lorraine: Why on earth wouldn’t you feed before coming here for this interview?


Bastian: If you must know, I was busy with Nicole—know what I mean? I try not to feed on her more than twice a week, and I didn’t have time to get back home and grab something.


Lorraine: Okay then. We’ll try to hurry this along. How about a quick quote from Nocturnal Surrender? Do you have anything in particular in mind?


He thought about it for a minute then grinned.


Bastian: I remember something I said to Nicole just before we had an intimate discussion and an even more intimate display of affection.


“I hope it doesn’t disappoint you, but I don’t think I can bring myself to hurt you, even if it is for sexual play. It’s just not me…


…That’s not to say I don’t want to hold you down and drive you crazy.”


Lorraine: Very sexy. So, do you have any special talents, anything interesting you’d like to share about yourself? Oh, and keep it clean. We can all imagine how talented you are in certain areas.


Bastian: You really know how to take all the fun out of this, don’t you? Fine, besides those skills, I write song lyrics and sing with my friend’s band sometimes. And before my fiancée was killed, I took out a houseful of vamp Hunters alone—even after being shot and staked. You should have seen how I snatched the sword and sliced off—


Lorraine: I don’t think anyone wants to hear that story right now, and if they do, they’ll go find your first book and read it themselves. Now, before you leave, is there anything else you want people to know about you? And please, nothing sexual or gruesome.


Bastian: Damn, I’m not really such a bad guy. I just want to be treated with respect and to be loved for—no, in spite of—who and what I am. I’ve had enough heartache in my life. I don’t know if I can handle another betrayal. But I do know one thing; I will have my retribution.


With that, Bastian stood, bowed, and left—still vamped out. Maybe he hadn’t shifted his eyes and teeth back to normal because he was hungry.


I’d never admit this to him, but I wouldn’t have minded if he bit me. That is one sexy vampire. Granted he’s a little twisted, but he’s been through a lot. I’m sure he’ll grow over time.


I’d like to thank Paranormal Cravings for having us here. And I’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to read this interview. I hope you enjoyed it.


Thanks again,


Lorraine Pearl

Author of erotic paranormal romance.


Save a horse, ride a vampire.


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[ File # csp6173927, License # 1825666 ]Licensed through http:/Nocturnal Surrender

by Lorraine Pearl

After two hundred years in exile, vampire Bastian Evanko has come back to earn his brother’s respect and plot revenge against the vampire who murdered his fiancée, Elise. In Lansford, PA, the Sin City of the East, Bastian must fight his rebellious nature and learn to control his impulsiveness so he is no longer considered a scourge on the Evanko name. When he asks for a private dance, and a bite, from stripper Darling Nikki, he gets far more than he bargains for—including another chance at love. But even the love of a beautiful woman isn’t enough to sate his need for retribution.

Nicole French simply wants to learn how to live in her new town, come to terms with stripping to pay the bills, and make it through law school without having a breakdown over the painful memories she hides. Having a man in her life is the last thing she needs, but when Bastian Evanko asks for a private dance, and to drink her blood, she ends up with more than just a freaky customer. Things heat up quickly in the private room with the sexy stranger. Only problem is, he likes to pretend he’s a vampire and suck down human blood.

To make matters worse, a war is brewing between vampires and Hunters. And after losing Elise because of her vampire Hunter brother, can Bastian take the risk of bringing Nicole into his life? But, on the other hand, can he pass up another chance at love?


This series is now free on Amazon till 1/1/13– Download here your copy! 





Nocturnal Surrender

Chapter One Excerpt

This wasn’t the homecoming Bastian Evanko had hoped for after two hundred years in exile. Getting berated by his brother served as a reminder of how strained their relationship had always been. Apparently the time apart had done nothing to mend old wounds.

So much for a starting over.

Donovan paced behind his mahogany desk, blond hair falling perfectly down the back of his expensive suit. “You shouldn’t be here. You know better. This city is no good for you, not with your past.”

Bastian gripped the wooden armrests of the pretentious-looking chair where Donovan had commanded him to sit. “My sentence is over. I will come and go as I please now. Spending the last two centuries in isolation was almost more than I could take.” He loosened his hold when the wood cracked. If he turned the chair into kindling, he’d never hear the end of it.

A point Donovan confirmed when he stopped and glared. “You’d better not destroy my office, little brother. The last thing we need is a repeat of what happened—”

“Oh, please. How long are you going to keep bringing that up?” Bastian clenched his fists and stood, nearly knocking the fucking chair backward. “And stop calling me little brother. Two years makes no difference after nearly a millennia.”

In an instant, Donovan moved to face Bastian. His eyes turned silver and his fangs extended. “Do not think to challenge me, little brother. As long as I have to keep cleaning up your messes, I’ll call you whatever I damn well please.” He waved a dismissive hand and returned to his desk, eyes reverting to their usual pale blue as his fangs receded. The monster within was hidden behind his baby face once more. No one would ever suspect a murderous creature lurked beneath that innocent façade.

With a deep breath, Bastian sucked in the amped-up vampiric testosterone saturating the air. The tension between them was suffocating, and the next move rested on his shoulders. He could take the all-too-familiar road of trying to prove himself with a physical display and allow the powder keg to explode, or…

“You’re right. I have made many mistakes, but you also know I’ve done nothing wrong since you stood up for me with the Elders and convinced them to spare my life.” Hand extended, Bastian crossed the room and stopped a respectable distance away. “Please, Donovan, let’s put the past behind us and move forward. How can I make amends if you won’t give me the opportunity?”

There was silence except for the ticking of the large antique clock on the bookcase. Soundproof walls allowed in nothing from the nightclub beyond the office door, or from the bustling city outside.

Donovan glanced at the proffered hand then locked gazes with Bastian, his expression unreadable.

For a moment, Bastian wished vampires weren’t able to shield their thoughts from each other. His shoulders stiffened. A few more seconds of being ignored and he’d lose the tenuous grasp he had on his temper.

In the past, he would have blown by now—verbally and physically—without regard for the consequences. His poor impulse control had created a rift between him and Donovan long ago. He never did anything right in his brother’s eyes, resulting in far too many years of Donovan’s condescending attitude. But he wanted his brother to see he was different now, and the only way for that to happen was to fight the anger.

Pressure built under his gums. His fangs ached to descend. Swallowing hard, he licked his teeth.

Still normal, but not for long.

With a nod, Donovan finally accepted his hand. “Okay, I concede. Looks like you might have really changed this time.” He immediately stood and pulled Bastian in for a hug, landing a hard smack on his back. “It’s good to have you here, little brother.”

Jaw clenched at those words, Bastian returned the show of affection with an equally powerful blow.

A few blood-infused drinks and a half hour later, Donovan gave Bastian a tour of his club.

Nocturnal Surrender sat in the middle of the Lansford Strip, flanked by a casino and a hotel. The Sin City of the East truly lived up to its name, and just as they had in Las Vegas, vampires capitalized on the sin aspect.

Bastian surveyed the club and its patrons. Every vamp in the room had silver eyes and extended fangs—no need to hide since it was supposed to be fake. Unsuspecting humans, including timid tourists who looked out of place, became meals for immortals. He held in a chuckle when he noticed a few mortals wearing various shades of vampire contacts. Some even had artificial fangs.

Hard rock music blared from hidden speakers. Candles flickered on tables and shelves, adding contrasting old-world ambiance. Gothic arches framed the doorways.

He inhaled deeply, drawing in the wondrous scent that permeated the open room. Blood.

When Donovan finished showing him around, they sat in one of the many crimson-colored booths.

The Nightclub with a Bite. Bastian had to laugh at the sign behind the bar, its dramatic lettering exaggerated by fang-like projections. He looked to Donovan and raised his glass. “I’ve got to commend you. Opening a sanguinarian nightclub was a stroke of genius.”

“Amazing, isn’t it? Just like the blood houses of old, but with all the modern conveniences.” Donovan rested a hand on his brother’s back.

Warmth spread through Bastian at the loving touch. It had been many centuries since Donovan yielded any real compassion. Could this be the new beginning Bastian had hoped for all these years? Would he finally be deemed worthy, good enough, and not a screw up? Would he no longer be considered a scourge on the Evanko name?

When Donovan pulled away, a cold and empty spot remained where his palm had been—not unlike the one that had been left in Bastian’s heart long ago. The first time, after Donovan turned his back on him when it became clear he would live by his own rules and not the Elders’ Code. The second, when that bastard of an Enforcer, Christof Rosenbaum, murdered the woman he loved.

He had tried to save Elise after she’d been sentenced to death for revealing vampires’ existence. That had made him a traitor to his kind, and the Elders’ wrath landed squarely on his shoulders.

Two hundred years.

If Bastian hadn’t released his glass, he would have pulverized it. His body tensed. With his focus on the anger, the ability to conceal his thoughts slipped.

Concern came through in Donovan’s voice. “What’s wrong? Are you all right?”

No, he wasn’t. He hadn’t been all right for too many years, but he needed to regain his composure if he wanted Donovan’s trust. He closed his eyes and took another extended breath, pulling in the comforting mortal scents that dragged away the anger, even if it kicked and screamed to stay. Now was not the time. Revenge on the asshole who had denied him a life with Elise could come later. It would come later.

“What are you thinking? You cannot go after him. He owns half of this city, and he is one of my best friends.” Donovan’s words were a stake to the heart.

Bastian’s eyes snapped open. He glared at the vampire beside him. “How could you, after what he did to Elise? I watched him behead her. I was too weak from the silver he’d pumped into me to save her.” His gut knotted and a wave of nausea rolled over him at the image that had been burned into his memory for eternity.

He leaned forward, placed his elbows on the table, and cradled his aching head in his hands, fighting the tears he swore he wouldn’t shed until Rosenbaum paid for her death.

Donovan’s gentle touch returned. Bastian flinched, unable to allow himself to be soothed when he’d been betrayed by his own blood.

“Bastian, I know you were devastated, but it wasn’t Christof’s fault. He had to follow orders. And as much as it pains you, the blame lies with Elise. If she wouldn’t have broken the Code, she might still be with you today.” Donovan moved his hand away and sighed. “Besides, Christof retired from the Enforcers long ago. He passed his post on to his friend, Alexander Mitchell. If you’re planning on staying in town for any length of time you will run into them. They are both regulars here.”

A cold chill swept over Bastian. How could his brother be so cavalier about Elise’s death? Vampire or not, he had to have some emotion left.

The urge to get up, toss the table across the room, knock Donovan to the floor, and pound his face overtook Bastian. Bones crushing under the onslaught would be a relief, just as it had in the past, no matter how temporary the wounds.

Donovan may have been the older brother, but Bastian was larger and stronger. The only reason Donovan ever prevailed was his ability to control his temper. Bastian had always been a loose cannon, which had been his downfall many times. But no longer. He’d vowed to take back his life, and if that meant playing civil with the Enforcers, so be it…at least for now.

He sat up and took one last deep breath in an attempt to release his anger and shield his emotions. It only half worked. “You’re right. I meant it when I said I wanted to leave the past behind and move forward.” At least partially. “I can’t hold onto this forever. It’s been eating me alive far too long. But I will never be friendly with Rosenbaum, or any Enforcer.”

“I’m not asking for friendly, only a truce, even if it is an uneasy one. The Elders won’t hesitate to reinstate your original punishment if you break their laws again, and I don’t want to lose you.” Donovan took a long drink of bourbon before looking back to his brother. “I have an idea of how we can blow off some steam and lighten the mood. You game?”

“Depends on what it is.” Bastian finished his beer in one swig.

A huge grin played along Donovan’s baby face. “You just have to trust me, little brother. I promise it will be worth it.”




About Lorraine Pearl

I write erotic paranormal romance under the name Lorraine Pearl. I am currently working on The Nocturnal Surrender Series. My main interest is in writing vampire stories, but I have recently branched out into other paranormal creatures.

I love to read erotic paranormal romance novels, and anything with vampires in it. Vampire movies and TV shows are also favorites of mine. I know most people are tired of vamps already, but I’ve enjoyed them since before they became this popular, and I’m sure I will continue to enjoy them for a long time to come. I only hope others feel the same since I prefer to write vampire stories.

Oh, and when it comes to music, the harder the better. What can I say, I was a teenager when head banging to hair bands was popular. Since I started out with that type of music, it wasn’t much of a leap to get into hard rock and heavy metal.

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