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Special HOT pick: Intimate Enemy by Jocelyn Modo

Special HOT pick: Intimate Enemy by Jocelyn Modo

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E-book Novella published by Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Genre: Adult Paranormal/Sci fi Romance (18+)
ISBN: 9781419939099 

My Thoughts
Hot Alfa male with animal instincts in space! Sounds a little strange but this is a really nice read. Not to long, about 75 pages. Intimate Enemy still has some world building and is written with strong characters.

The main character Azure is facing a life of sexual servitude to a man chosen by her own father. Azure runs away to a space station to search for help for her and her cousin. There she meets Lone- the only male in the galaxy who matched her body, mind and spirit. But Lone is a dual blood with some personal problems that doesn’t want to bond.

Together they must overcome prejudices that have kept their races apart for hundreds of years and escape before Azure’s past catches up with them and kills their future. In the meantime they find out that they of course can’t life without each other!

To bad Intimate Enemy was to short to get the full picture. I would have liked to read more about their race and how they wanted to join their two races. And the sex parts where not really believable. I do believe some people need a little rest after a while, especially if the woman was a virgin :). When they come together at the book end of the book, the book ends abrupt. You would almost believe that there will be a second book, but there where so many teasers about Lone brother and Azure’s cousin that the next one probably will about them.

Paranormal Cravings  REVIEW RATING
Read more about Jocelyn Modo on her: Website Or order one of her books on Ellora’s Cave

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