Sunday, 12 Aug, 2018

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Savage Urges (The Phoenix Pack #5) by Suzanne Wright

Savage Urges (The Phoenix Pack #5) by Suzanne Wright

This series is a must read for anyone that likes a good paranormal story. The world that’s created within these books seems completely real and will have you wishing that you could live there with the characters.

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Wild Hunger (The Phoenix Pack #7)  by  Suzanne Wright

Wild Hunger (The Phoenix Pack #7) by Suzanne Wright

Amazing book. Nice and long . Many have been waiting to read Trick’s book, ever since they read that naughty little scene in “Feral Sins” (book 1), when Trick and Marcus got down together !! Wow that was awesome 😉 So now 6 books later Trick’s book is finally there. With the wait if you ask me! Loved the shifters, jokes and of course the romance. And just as you think the end of the book is there, there are still a lot of pages good shifter stuff to go! So a big 5 stars from us.

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Dark Queen by Faith Hunter

Dark Queen by Faith Hunter

Being an urban fantasy means that there is not a whole lot on the romance front but Jane definitely has a love interest with lots of sizzling chemistry flowing between them and along with all the other fascinating characters in Jane’s world keeps things on a fast track with lots of thrilling action that keeps readers on the edge of their seat and ensures they never have a dull moment and well anticipation and suspense keeps readers holding their breath.

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