Where do you buy the photos from, are they legal to use?
We buy royalty-free images from DepositePhoto, Istock or Shutterstock, and each image can be used in up to 499,999 or 250,000 covers (meaning if you sell more than 499,999 for the images from Deposito or 250,000 for Shutterstock, we need to purchase an Extended License for each picture if you wish to keep using the cover) The extended Licence is for unlimited reproduction/print runs.

Do you want me to give you credit in the book?
Yes please! What I require is “Cover Art by Iris Hunter” on the copyright page. And if you wish you can add “www.paranormalcravings.com” in there as well.

When do I pay you?
For new clients: As we begin the project 100%
Else 50% up front/50% when you have received your files from us.

What process of the cover designs look like?
Step 1 – E-mail me at design@paranormalcravings.com or Contact me at the Contact page of Paranormal Cravings
Step 2 – I’ll reply back to you, accepting your design request. I’ll send you the link to pay through PayPal for the first 50% or 100% payment. After you have paid I will start on your cover drafts.
I’ll make 3-5 drafts for you to choose from.
Step 3 –
Choose the draft that looks best, then if there are things you feel would need a change to fit better with your novel you e-mail me back with the corrections (like change eye color, gun instead of knife, change beach for forrest).
Step 4 – I will do my best to design for you a cover that fit best in the overall fit and that will look right as also as thumb where reader’s are seaching for when browsing the online book stores. Not all corrections can be done if there not good for the cover of are technical not possible – But I will promise I will do what I can to give you the best cover, then send it back to you. Steps #3 and #4 can be repeated few times.
Step 5  When the cover is right you’ll send back an email saying you agree with the design and only then will I purchase the photos from the stock companies to finalize your cover and make the various sizes and formats. At this point if you wish to change or add any images there will be an extra charge.
Step 6 – I’ll send you your final version of the cover with the basic four sizes (and others if you have requested them at front) Than we are done! 
Step 7 – I will send the payment request for the last part. Please remember to credit Cover Art by Iris Hunter


What if I wanna pull out from the project – do you do refunds?
If you want to pull out of the project you need to do it before the images are purchased that is before we settle to a final version of the cover. If you do want to pull out for whatever reason I will refund you fully. The only exception can be there have been a lot of correction and drafts then we will ask 50% payment for my time.

What if I want to change the cover after you have purchased the images?
We can change the cover, but there will be additional charge (equal to the new image’s price).

Hopefully that shed some light! If you have a question don’t be afraid to leave me a message at design@paranormalcravings.com

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