We love books at Paranormal Cravings. And while we know that the story is the most important part of the book, it is often the cover that attracts a customer to buy. Most fiction readers visualize a good fiction book as they read. It creates a movie in their mind. So a well designed book cover is your chance to give them a taste of what is inside.

We understand that publishing is competitive, and independent fiction writers need to do everything possible to get their book noticed. And as we are avid fiction readers at Paranormal Cravings Book Designs, we know how important your book cover is. So we work with you to create the best visual representation of your work.

Whether you are publishing a traditional book, or an e-book/kindle, we can create you a unique, attractive cover at a surprisingly low cost. And we work with you to make sure your cover is exactly what you want.

Because not all wishes for a amazing and original book cover can be bought, we try to make it. Please let us know what your wishes are and maybe we can make it happen.

Below examples of our Digital Cover Art. (To purchase one of them or if you have ideas for your own cover, please contact us).

Before and After Example:

Before-after example

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