I’ll tell you a secret. I never planned to write about werewolves. When I first started writing urban fantasy and paranormal romance I wrote about magic users and vampires, but no were-creatures. Then I moved out into the woods…I mean,

Name: Catalina Gato Occupation: Cat Familiar Species: Witch, Non-Elemental Speaks: English & Spanish Age: 23 Height: 5’10 Hair Color: Black Eyes: Green Physical marks: N/A   THE ONE WORD GAME. Choose! Day or Night – Night Single or Taken – Single Cat or Dog – Cat

Name: Pacifico Lopez Occupation: CEO of Zoogle International Species: Chihuahua shifter Speaks: English, Spanish, etc. Age: 33 Height:  5’1” Hair Color: Black Eyes: Black Physical marks: In dog form – Black and tan Chihuahua markings. In human – coffee – au lait skin and a

Werewolves & More In Paranormal Suburbia Midnight Gardens is a growing community sitting on acres and acres of land in a town called Westport, located in Indiana. The suburban town is home to a variety of paranormal creatures and they

Name: Violet Jordan Occupation: TV screenwriter for Moonblood and other horror movies Species: Shifter- panther to be more specific Speaks: Quickly? Age: 29 Height: 5’10” Hair Color: Dark brown, just like my mom’s Eyes: Mint green, even in panther form Physical marks: Scar down left

How To Spot A Werewolf In the world of urban fantasy and paranormal romance, you can usually tell a werewolf from a regular human pretty quickly – he’s the smoking hot alpha with animal magnetism and an irresistibly bad attitude.