Urban fantasy

What sets your Elemental Assassin series apart from other urban fantasy series in this genre? Jennifer: The Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series focuses on Gin Blanco, an assassin codenamed the Spider who can control the elements of Ice and Stone. When

Note: The Elemental Assassin books are intended for adults only. You should be be 18 years old or older to read the books. (Elemental Assassin #7) Publised: Simon & Schuster, August 21, 2012 ISBN: 978-1451651775 E-ARC from Author   The seventh book

Welcome to this weeks edition of In My Mailbox! Check out the wonderful books I have recieved past two weeks and witch reviews you can expect the next couple of days, weeks, months! Happy Reading! Into the Woods: Tales from

JULY (Fangtastic Month)  “Books to get your teeth in!” Like most of you know, we have every month a special theme. In June it was “Busy with reading”So much to read in so little time!. In July we have a fantastic

(Shaede Assassin #2) Publised: Signet Eclipse, July 3rd 2012, Review Copy from Publisher *Spoiler Alert* Darian and her Shaede guardian Raif have searched for months to find the Oracle who attempted to kill Darian. But after they have found her Darian is determined

If this is the novella!?! I don’t know if i can take the NOVEL! Wow! What a ride….. Can’t wait for Full blooded. Publisher: Orbit (April 11, 2012)Review copy by Author Blooded: BLOODED by Amanda Carlson is a short story introduction to her

(A Dark Brethren Novel)Publisher: Avon Publication date: July 31th, 2011 Genre: Fiction / Fantasy Review Copy from Edelweiss Quick Review: The pace is brisk and intense.  The story has betrayal and action,  with plot twists to give great entertainment, but alas NO