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You have to be taught Before it’s too late, Before you are six, Or seven or eight, To hate all the people Your relatives hate. You’ve got to be carefully taught. From South Pacific. Possibly the single finest piece of

Bears. Gorgeous, strong beasts that scare the *&%^ out of me. Well, they would if I met one in the woods and it was standing about two feet from me. I’ve been close to bears. This summer in fact, as

First off, why in the world would you want to defend yourself against an incredibly hunky werewolf? I say, let your wild side out and…join ‘em! They’re sexy, protective, a little territorial, a little on the wild side, and mate

First of all, huge thanks to Iris for hosting me today.  I’m having a love affair with the wolf. He is such a legendary, mysterious animal that it’s hard not to be fascinated by him. In many areas wolves frequently

I’ve always loved the idea of shape shifters! When I decided I wanted to make one as my main character in Echo Island, I realized that he had to embody someone I could see changing their personality just as easily as they

Shapeshifter Allies Shapeshifter stories are among the most sexy and exciting in the world of romance fiction. A hero or heroine with qualities of both human and animal offer a fantasy that literally takes you on a walk on the

Catching an Evil Tail You can probably guess from the title that the book involves some kind of shifter or werewolf, right? That was my goal when I came up with the title. Catching an Evil Tail is the second

The Many-Colored Wer by A.M. Burns  Werecreatures are hot right now in literature, from the werewolves in Anne Rice’s new book “The Wolf’s Gift” to the many types of wers in Laurel K Hamilton’s books, werecreatures help bring a dark broody

First of all, I’d like to thank Iris for letting me participate in her Shifters and Wares event.   For those of you who know me, you’re probably stunned I’m participating on any site with the word “Shifter” or “Werewolf”

The Alpha Female Shifter – Jane Yellowrock Jane is a Cherokee skinwalker, a shifter who can take the shape of any animal (as long as it meets the requirements of her magical system, if course.) There are a lot of