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Last month I was the featured author at the first ever Indie Romance Convention where I was privileged to give the keynote speech on opening night and moderate a panel discussion for authors on Indie marketing. The Indie Rom con

Five Ways Shifters Make Worse Boyfriends than Regular Men 5               They have to spend a lot on clothes since they wreck theirs each time they shift. 4               Staying out all night and blaming it on that whole “running with the

Excerpt of HUNTER’s HEART by J.D. Tyler Copyright © J.D. Tyler, 2013 All Rights Reserved, Penguin Group USA   Ryon and the Alpha Pack search for injured wildlife biologist Daria Bradford…and Ryon gets the shock of his life…   There

Breaking the Mold: Making Shifters and Their World Our Own “Sameness” is a common criticism of paranormal characters and their worlds, leading to the conclusion that shifters have been “done.” I consider this analysis to be on a par with

Dark Liaison by J.D. Brown Good morning, readers. I know this event is about shifters and werewolves—not vampires—but what if they were all one in the same? What if vampires could shapeshift? That’s exactly what my characters are in the

I didn’t really just do that… did I?: Top 5 surprises in Pure & Sinful *Warning: this post includes a few suggestive plot points from PURE & SINFUL that tip towards spoilers. Even the most disciplined, outlines-to-the-smallest-detail author will tell

Many of you probably know that Charles Dickens was a serial writer—he wrote in installments, much the same way we think of comics or television shows. We are also all aware that audio has been on the rise for books

Do you dream about the same thing over and over? For years I had theme dreams. How I wish they were of nice things. Meadows. Carnivals. Melting ice cream cones on a beach. I’d even take being naked in public.

These days I tend to write what is more commonly known as cross genre, or, what I dub as mixed soup. My series, Sekhmet’s Guardians is just that — a mixed soup with flavors ranging from paranormal romance, urban fantasy,

Thank you Paranormal Cravings for being part of my tour today. Since the release of Beyond The Edge, I’ve been describing it as a sequel to both the On The Edge series and the Out of the Box series, but