EroticA (18+)

Reading Time: 1.5 hours Released: May 2013 ISBN: 9780857990471 Edition: E- book Review copy:  Harlequin Enterprises Australia/Escape Publishing via Netgalley A short but thrilling hot Sci-fi/Fantasy from S. E. Gilchrist. Fran is a Young human woman fran, who leaves her ordinary (and safe)

“As I lay there being taken by two men, my orgasm swept through   me, yet it was for another who had pleasured me only in the realm of my mind.” Giuliana never dreamed life would lead her to where she

Genre:  Sci-Fi, ménage Release Date: April 10 at Ellora’s Cave ISBN: 9781419945120 Review copy from: Ellora’s Cave $4.45   Captivated is Book 3 in the Mating Ritual series. despite the genre this is a very entertaining read. I really enjoyed this book. Captivated is almost a

  Genre: Paranormal Erotica Release Date:  May 8th 2013 by Ellora’s Cave Publishing ISBN: 9781419945052 Review copy from: Ellora’s Cave Publishing   Telepathic bounty hunter Kane has one rule—never get involved with a fugitive. Kane’s Bounty is for me the first book I have

ebook, Paranormal Erotica Published: April 30th 2013 by Ellora’s Cave Review Copy from Ellora’s Cave Book 10 again of this strange series that has captivated my attention from book 1. I don’t exactly know what it is why I like this series

Warning: This story contains m/f/m and m/m/f menagescenes. ISBN #: 978-1-77111-302-1 Series: The Kindred # 2 Word Count: 17768 Page Count: 70   Historical meets Paranormal Erotica! For a book of only a70 pages a hot read. Blood bond is the first

The Vampire King Trilogy Genre: Erotic romance series with illustrations Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing Illustrated by: Kit Epic Kenya Wright  is for me a new author but never less one I want to read more from. Especially after reading this

Undenied (The Amoveo Legend) by Sara Humphreys Have you seen this free download?? Downloaded it yesterday and devoured it in a hour! Very cleaver of this author to make it a Free download on Amazon. Now I MUST read the

The release of Sex Retreat (Cowboy Sex #6) by Natalie Acres will be begin March. To celebrate this we organize a book tour. Sex Retreat (Cowboy Sex #6) by Natalie Acres  includes MFMM content contemporary BDSM (and it’s medium-to-hardcore BDSM). It isn’t