Character Interview

Name: Catalina Gato Occupation: Cat Familiar Species: Witch, Non-Elemental Speaks: English & Spanish Age: 23 Height: 5’10 Hair Color: Black Eyes: Green Physical marks: N/A   THE ONE WORD GAME. Choose! Day or Night – Night Single or Taken – Single Cat or Dog – Cat

Name: Violet Jordan Occupation: TV screenwriter for Moonblood and other horror movies Species: Shifter- panther to be more specific Speaks: Quickly? Age: 29 Height: 5’10” Hair Color: Dark brown, just like my mom’s Eyes: Mint green, even in panther form Physical marks: Scar down left

An Interview with Stalkson Grey   Victoria: First, thank you for agreeing to the interview. I know this is not your favorite sort of thing. Let me take just a moment to make sure your readers are on the same

Paranormal Cravings: Today we’re interviewing Aubert Marston and Corrine Fontaine from Katalina Leon’s newest paranormal erotic-romance “Loup-Garou For You”. First can the two of you share your personal specs, what sort of shifters are you?   Aubert Marston: I’d be

Hello. My name is S. K. Yule, and I would like to thank Paranormal Cravings for inviting me here today.  I am a best-selling author and have written, paranormal, historical, menage, and LGBT romance. My current released works are: Darkest Hours,

Castle de Forest is nestled in the woods on a mountaintop overlooking the village of Oakforest. For generations the de Forest family has ruled here, passing on leadership from father to son. That legacy almost ended with the passing of

Character Profile Name: Jacks Dowd Age: 22 Hair: Dirty blond Eyes: Brown Height: 6’ Weight: 170 Occupation: College drop-out   Paranormal Cravings: Welcome, Jacks! I’ll start by asking the question I suspect most readers would like to know: how did

This interview is done by Preston who is introduced  in In Too Deep, and he’s a Silver Council Enforcer. Think the mages version of the CIA, FBI, police and all that rolled into one entity for all the Others. He’s interviewing

One of the cool things about writing a series about jaguar shapeshifters living in the Amazon rainforest is that I was able to create a society where the female shifters are just as fearsome as the men. Today, I’d like

Paranormal Cravings: Today we’re interviewing Ayla Hammond from Naomi Clark’s paranormal erotic-romance “SILVER KISS”. First can you share your personal specs, what sort of shifters are you?   I’m a werewolf, and my girlfriend Shannon isn’t a shifter at all.