Downloading Instructions 

  • Follow the Box link and click ‘download.’ Once finished downloading, the audiobook folder/file should open up.
  • The audiobook is a collection of MP3s in a zip folder, which are compressed. To play them in iTunes, the files need to be decompressed.
  • To begin decompressing the files, create an empty folder on your desktop, and give it a name. Go back to the audiobook zip folder and select ‘Extract all files.’
  • Choose the empty folder you just created as the extract location.
  • Open iTunes, create a new Playlist, and drag the MP3 files there—this way you can keep the audiobook all in one place.
  • NOTE: The tracks aren’t labeled traditionally. It will look like a mix of numbers/ISBNs—specific labels e.g. “Track 1, Track 2, artist, album” are metadata that is added by the internet (usually a program called Gracenote), and since what we send is essentially “hot off the presses from the publisher,” the metadata hasn’t been added in yet.
  • To make sure the tracks are in the correct order, I recommend sorting them by name—this will pop them into place. There is a bar at the top of the iTunes window that says ‘Name’, and clicking it will arrange the tracks correctly.
  • If the tracks are still not arranging themselves correctly, try renaming any tracks that have extraneous characters. For instance, delete the ‘.mp3’ from ‘9780804193986_UA_01_010_r1_128kbps.mp3’ so that it shortens to ‘9780804193986_UA_01_010_r1_128kbps’.
  • From there, you can transfer to your preferred listening device (or listen on your computer)!

Download here a PDF with these instructions

Downloading Instructions_WITH ITUNES