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PC BOOK TOURS focuses on Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Adults, Young Adult & New Adult tours of both pre-release and post-release books. Everything is organized for you, your job being simply providing review copies, mailing giveaway prizes when applicable, and writing guest posts/interviews or character interviews assigned. We are a one-stop shop. From start to finish we will organize everything. Author participation is limited to writing guest posts, answering interview questions, and, if needed, providing review copies, swag, or books for giveaway. That’s it! The rest is up to us.

Give Your Book the Publicity It Deserves

One of the best ways to promote your book online is through bloggers. Many authors have realized this and have taken advantage of reviews and publicities that the blogging world can offer.

General Information and Suggestions

  • PC BOOK TOURS offers a simple online tour schedule where you can see what you need to do for which blog and where you can find all links to your posts and social media shares from your tour. We promise  a stress free, fully organized promotional tour and will work for you to get all promised book tour stops online. While we do not guarantee every blog will like the book, but we do offer honest reviews even if the blogger gives a 3 star rating we will ask the blogger to post their review on a new date after the tour.
  • Each tour is provided with an ONLINE TOUR SCHEDULE. Where you can find your up-to-date sign-up’s, posts, contact info and links!
  • Book tour stops are scheduled Monday-Friday. (weekend on request)
  • Giveaways are strongly encouraged. These can be blogger assigned giveaways for a certain number of stops, a tour-wide grand prize shared across all stops with a rafflecopter link, or a combination of both.


To discover how you can get the best publicity possible for your book, check out our tour packages.


*FREE* Guest post 

Only one free guest post so schedule your promotion in advance


  • Shared on our site
  • Promoted on all our Social Media
  • Only one FREE guest post per author per year
  • Guest post can also contain buy and contact link




Features on unlimited amount of blogs



 *(OR FREE)* Must be booked with any other book tour service, in order to be eligible for complimentary cover reveal)
Cover Reveal: Get great pre-release exposure with a cover reveal! I recommend planning a cover reveal 3-5 weeks ahead to get the most blog hosts on your cover reveal day, but is possible on shorter notice.

  • No limit on participants – Featured on Unlimited Amount of Blogs
  • Will only run on ONE day
  • Can be done on short notice!
  • Maximum Social Media Exposure
  • Only for cover reveals that have NOT been released yet online



Features on unlimited amount of blogs

  • Featured on Unlimited Amount of Blogs
  • Includes Book Blurb, Cover, Author Bio and Social Media Links, Goodreads Link (If available), Pre-Buy Links (If Available), Exclusive Excerpt (If Available), as well as any other Promotional Materials Provided by Client.
  • Media Kit Provided for the Blog Tour
  • Social Media shouts on Paranormal Cravings Facebook, Twitter and those of the reviewers.
  • Reveal Sign-up on the Paranormal Cravings Book Tours Website.
  • Management of Giveaway (If Applicable)
  • Free Cover Reveal: Must be booked with any other book tour service, in order to be eligible for complimentary cover reveal



A blitz consists of promotional posts to provide awareness and gain exposure for your book. All posts will be scheduled on ONE DAY and Must include a giveaway.
Average 20-70 sign ups for PNR/YA blitzes. They book blitzes can be planned on short notice, but be aware 4-6 weeks will get you the most participants.

Blitz specifications
  • One day or window to post
  • No limit on participants
  • Maximum Social Media Exposure through participating blogs and myself
  • Can be done on short notice!
  • Must include a giveaway (one per blog or one shared overall tour Rafflecopter prize–note that one per blog will get you the most participants = more exposure.)


Review Only VIRTUAL TOUR ($50) 

Reviews on amazon and Goodreads if possible*



Distribution Custom Press Release  + Goodreads Advertising for value $15

  • $50.00 (One week, 5-7 Stop Min)
  • $60.00 (Two Weeks, 8-10 Stop Min)
  • $100.00 (Three Weeks, 11-15 Stop Min)
  • >three weeks on request
  • Please note that these numbers are A MINIMUM. All requests will be added to the tour, as long as the host is in good standing.

*= Please note that reviews will be honest and positive reviews are not guaranteed, Bloggers will be asked to also post review to Goodreads/Amazon in addition to their blog.

What do you get?

  • Online Tour progress form to track your posts
  • Includes Book Blurb, Cover, Author Bio and Social Media Links, Goodreads Link, Buy Links, Exclusive Excerpt (If Available), as well as any other Promotional Materials Provided by Client.
  • Includes Review, Excerpt and Promo Stops, and Author can choose to participate in Author Interviews, Character Interviews and Guest Posts.
  • Tour Sign-up on the Paranormal Cravings Book Tours Website.
  • Custom designed Tour Banner.
  • Social Media shouts.
  • Media Kit.
  • Featured space on our website.
  • Management of Giveaway (Recommended).

Tour specifications

Tour dates. All tour stops will be scheduled Monday through Friday and will have one (or two if requested by the author) stops per day unless otherwise requested. Once the dates for the tour have been set they cannot be changed without extenuating circumstances such as release date change, author unavailability. Any last minute changes to tour dates may result in a tour’s cancellation if all participating blogs do not agree to the change.

Tour length. Paranormal Book Tours will arrange  one to four-week(s)  tours, but are willing to consider tours of other lengths.

Tour hosts. We will work to ensure the best match possible between your book and the participating tour host. If you have a specific blog or blogger that is not among our list of tour hosts that you would like to be invited to participate, please let us know and we will reach out to them.  While we will select the hosts for your tour, you will have the right to review the schedule prior to our announcement and be given the opportunity to make changes, within reason.

Tour posts. Our tours will feature a mix of guest posts, “top ten” lists, author or character interviews, excerpts and reviews. While we can’t guarantee that your book is to everyone’s taste, we will make every effort in advance to find the right readers for your book. If one of the participating tour host reviews is negative or lower than 4 stars we ask that they refrain from posting their reviews until after the tour and will offer them a promotional post instead.

Giveaways. Giveaways are not required but they are recommended. Individual giveaways can be hosted on each tour stop, a group giveaway can be hosted across all tour stops or it can consist of some combination of both. Note: Not every tour stop needs to host a giveaway.

Notice. Ideally we would like to have two to three months advance notice of a tour. This will allow us time to select the bloggers, provide them with review copies and give the author time to write the guest posts and answer the interview questions.
If that amount of lead time is not possible, we may still be willing to put together a tour. We will decide on a case-by-case basis depending on such factors as tour length, post type, number of stops, etc.

Advertising and Promotion. All tours will be advertised here and our Social Media portals. Our promotional efforts will begin prior to and will continue throughout the tour with a combination of posts on our blogs and our blogs’ Facebook pages and through other social media outlets such as Twitter and Tumblr.

Design. We will design all the tour banners for you here at Paranormal Cravings! We will send you the banner prior the start of the tour.


    Review Query Service ($30

    Promote your book on our site (review corner and newsletter to all reviewers. Reviews on amazon and Goodreads if possible* All Bloggers will read/review on their own time frame although you may specify a window of time. (1-3 months for example)

    • Review invite to 1,000+ tour hosts
    • All will be visible and easy to track with the online tour form to keep track of all review requests and review links.
    • Bloggers will be asked to share all reviews on their Social Media and Book Blogs/Websites.
    • Please note that number of bloggers requesting books is not guaranteed. 

    If you schedule your own tour. The services below can be booked as stand-alone or with one of our tours.

    • *new* Arc Distribution ($10)
    • *new* Dedicated Newsletter (to our bloggers and subscribers of paranormal cravings)($35) The dedicated newsletter can be sent on any day of the month, as well as a separate post on our website and posted on our Social Media pages
    • Tour PAGE on Paranormal Cravings ($50)
    • Tour Blog/website ($100)

    • *free* Playlist (no extra costs)
    • *free* Pinterest (board of book of character) (no extra costs)
    • Twitter party ($30)
    • Book Tour BANNER (are already included in tour packages) ($10)
    • Facebook Header Design($15)

    • Twitter Background Design ($15)
    • Special Banner or header on request for your site! ($15)
    • Press Release (+100 Newspapers and Magazines)($35)

    **All the extra packages can be purchased by itself or in combination with one of the tour packages

    How It Works - the basics

    How It Works – the basics 

    Once the tour has ended, we will forward along any giveaway prize winners. And, upon request, we will send you direct links to each of the stops on the tour.

    1. You reach out to us with your tour request – Book Tour, Cover or Trailer Reveal, Scavenger Hunt Giveaway.
    2. We will send the author a confirmation of the tour request (We send you a WORD-DOC / Blank media kit to fill out with all info for you to return to us with all your book info)
    3. Once we’ve accepted your request we determine tour type, tour length and tour dates.
    4. We design a banner and button and create a post announcing the tour.
    5. We set up the Tour page on Paranormal Cravings where Blog Hosts can sign up for your tour or find info. This is also the place where you find your up-to-date tour schedule and changes.
    6. We reach out to our blogger tour hosts, or special request bloggers, via eVite or email and invite others to sign up through Twitter and on our Tour Host page.
    7. We promote the tour on the blog tour sidebar, on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.
    8. We receive the replies from the Blog Hosts
    9. We select the bloggers and post types and finalize the schedule and pass it along to you for your approval.
    10. <–Point of no return–>
    11. We have a GO at this point from the Author to send out confirmations together with the review copies that we have received from you/ or we send you a list with contacts so the author, publisher or third like Netgalley or Edelweiss can send out the review copies/download options.
    12. Send CONFIRMATION EMAIL to all participating bloggers: The final tour schedule with MEDIA KIT, review copies, excerpts, buy and contact links, about, blurb etc.
    13. Barring any changes, all that’s left is for you to write the posts, answer the questions and send out the review copies. We will make sure everything else runs according to plan.
    14. We send the author an LINK to the Online PROGRESS FILE of the tour: an update with the how’s and when’s- neat list of stops/dates and guest post that have to be written by author, interviews that have to be filled out etc. For a promo the author don’t have to do anything.
    15. ONE WEEK BEFOR THE TOUR STARTS: All guest posts and all interviews answers have to be send to the blog hosts by author
    16. Before the tour start we send out a reminder to all bloggers (In case they are missing something, the book they signed-up to review was dissapointing or mail was send to SPAM box) With no news bloggers at this point, we are ready for your tour and your tour is ready to START!
    17. We keep each other up-to date through the online tour file. (Direct links to the posts, missed stops, winners of the GA’s after the tour)


    Tours need to be booked at least 4 weeks in advance and will include a minimum of tour stops depending on the chosen tour. The author/publisher agrees to ship copies of their book and requested Guest Posts to the bloggers hosting tour stops, to arrive at least 3 weeks prior to their tour dates.

    Authors on tour will be featured at and connected Social Media for time till and during the tour. Each individual tour stop will feature a photo of the book, (if chosen)a review, links to the author’s website, blog, and purchasing information.

    Our experience is that authors who interact with tour hosts and make themselves available for guest posting, interviews, question and answer sessions with blog commenters, and who respond to comments will have the greatest success from their tour!

    Start your tour here!

    Note that I consider every request carefully to make sure it’s a good fit for my tour hosts. Please make sure to read the above information before sending a request. I reserve the right to accept or decline any event request, and to cancel an event with full refund at any time, for any reason.


    ***Terms and Conditions*** Author/publisher is responsible for getting Guest Posts and Interviews on time to the Blog Hosts. *Author/publisher must have review copies ready at least 1 month before the tour starts.*Once the planning process starts, tour is non-refundable.*If booking a book tour with us, please make sure that you don’t book a tour with another tour host until after 30 days after the tour.  It takes time and effort to organize an effective tour and having multiple tours around the same time can affect the outcome of the tour.*Payments made through PayPal.  Payment due upon receipt.

    Book Tour FAQ


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