We offer top quality book design at an affordable price.

You put a lot of time and effort into writing your book and once you’re done it’s time to format and get the layout looking professional. We specialize in book layout services and provide competitive pricing while maintaining superb quality. Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, children’s books or poetry, for kindle, ePUB, PDF and all other formats, we offer a money back guarantee service and a turn around time of 48 hours to first draft. Simply send us your manuscript and for an all inclusive fee we’ll deliver a professionally designed and typeset book in Cert-PDF format ready to send straight to your book printer. Or upload your PDF and ePub on amazon, B&N or other online book stores.

The formatting package


This package takes your final manuscript into a eBook ready file for retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo, eBooks.com, etc. We provide you with an EPUB and mobi file (Kindle and Nook) as your eBook version.

Final, edited and proofread word document is required. A TOC will be included in the cost if required.

Our ebook conversion services do not include: editing or proofreading, image editing or manipulation, creation of charts or graphs  from raw data, indexing.

The cost for the eBook Package starts at $ 75 ($1.25 p. page)  (scroll down for the order form)

If you require both eBook and Print Services we will charge an additional $50 over an above the eBook Package cost.

We require a 30% deposit on brief.


All books subject to a minimum charge of $75 (< 60 pages or less) (> 75 pages = 1.25 p. page)



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