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One of the best ways to promote your book online is through bloggers. Many authors have realized this and have taken advantage of reviews and publicities that the blogging world can offer.

General Information and Suggestions

  • PC BOOK TOURS focuses on Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Adults, Young Adult & New Adult tours of both pre-release and post-release books. Everything is organized for you, your job being simply providing review copies, mailing giveaway prizes when applicable, and writing guest posts/interviews or character interviews assigned.
  • PC BOOK TOURS offers a simple online tour schedule where you can see what you need to do for which blog and where you can find all links to your posts and social media shares from your tour. We promise  a stress free, fully organized promotional tour and will work for you to get all promised book tour stops online. While we do not guarantee every blog will like the book, but we do offer honest reviews even if the blogger gives a 3 star rating we will ask the blogger to post their review on a new date after the tour.
  • Book Blitz are scheduled Monday-Friday.
  • Giveaways are strongly encouraged. These can be blogger assigned giveaways for a certain number of stops, a tour-wide grand prize shared across all stops with a rafflecopter link, or a combination of both.

Book Tour FAQ

To discover how you can get the best publicity possible for your book, check out our tour packages by CLICKING ON THE TABS BELOW)



A blitz consists of promotional posts to provide awareness and gain exposure for your book. All posts will be scheduled on ONE DAY and Must include a giveaway.
Average 20-70 sign ups for PNR/YA blitzes. They book blitzes can be planned on short notice, but be aware 4-6 weeks will get you the most participants.

  • One day or window to post
  • No limit on participants
  • Maximum Social Media Exposure through participating blogs and myself
  • Can be done on short notice!
  • Must include a giveaway (one per blog or one shared overall tour Rafflecopter prize–note that one per blog will get you the most participants = more exposure.)

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Note that I consider every request carefully to make sure it’s a good fit for my tour hosts. Please make sure to read the above information before sending a request. I reserve the right to accept or decline any event request, and to cancel an event with full refund at any time, for any reason.


***Terms and Conditions*** 
Author/publisher is responsible for getting Guest Posts and Interviews on time to the Blog Hosts. *Author/publisher must have review copies ready at least 1 month before the tour starts.*Once the planning process starts, tour is non-refundable.*If booking a book tour with us, please make sure that you don’t book a tour with another tour host until after 30 days after the tour.  It takes time and effort to organize an effective tour and having multiple tours around the same time can affect the outcome of the tour.*Payments made through PayPal.  Payment due upon receipt.


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