Doctor’s Orders by Ellie Wild & Nicole Elliot (Free on KindleUnlimited)


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The Doctor’s in… ~ Check him out! ~ Ambrielle


~ Just call me Dr. Daddy. ~

Cocky, arrogant, playboy.
But that was before. Before the war. Before my father died and my life changed.
Now people’s lives are in my hands. As a medic in the Army, I was the one they counted on.
But Hailey Clarke doesn’t count on me. Not after I left her four years ago.
She treats me like the enemy, can’t say I blame her.
My new mission? Get under Hailey’s skirt, and maybe into her heart.
I’ll ask her to be my study partner for Med school. Get back into her good graces.
We’ll be up all night long.
I don’t know if we’ll get an A, but I’ll definitely give her an O.
Hailey is hiding something though, which might make us both fail.
While I was away saving lives, she was raising our son.
I might be becoming a doctor, but can I heal our broken hearts?


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