Divinity Saga by L.A. Kirk (Reverse Harem)

Divinity Saga by L.A. Kirk (Reverse Harem)


Heart of Five: Part One: Reverse Harem Serial (Divinity Saga: Meg’s Story Book 1) 

Average is how Megan Little would describe her life until her twenty-fifth birthday. Her body starts to change like a countdown clock heading for zero. When her research on the transformation proves futile, she makes a desperate decision and travels north to investigate a supernatural reason for what’s happening.
On the way, a chance encounter leaves her car vandalized, forcing her to stay the night in a small, tourist town.
Five men step in to help Megan only to open up more questions in her search for the truth.

The Trust of Five: Part Two: Reverse Harem Serial (Divinity Saga: Meg’s Story Book 2)

Megan Little has found five mysterious men who can give her the answers she needs for her odd transformation. They say they’ll help her to find the truth, but first she must learn to listen to her instincts and trust those around her.
Overwhelmed by the revelation of a supernatural world, and the dire changes it may mean to her life, Megan ventures into town to clear her head. There, she encounters an elder from the local wolf shifter pack who knows more about her supposed powers than Archer, Quinn, Mitch, Brock, and Red are willing to reveal.
Can Meg trust the five men she finds herself drawn to when they continue to keep secrets from her? When an attack on the town puts Meg’s new powers to the test, she may not have any other choice.
***Reverse Harem Serial.