Goodreads 101

Goodreads 101


[accordion][acc title=”How do I join the Author Program?”]

1. If you are already a Goodreads member, make sure you are signed in. If not, sign up for an account.

2. Search for yourself and click on your published author name. The author name is listed below the title of your book in the search results. If you do not find your book in our database of published works, please see our section on who can join.

3. Clicking on your name takes you to your basic author profile page. This page has your name at the top and “author profile” to the right of your name. This page is part of our database of books and authors and is separate from your member profile page (which lists your bookshelves and friends).

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click “Is this you? Let us know.” to send a request to join the Author Program.

Please give us a few business days to process your request. You will receive email confirmation when we successfully upgrade your user account to an author account. Joining the program merges your author page with your member page. The email will also contain further instructions for managing your author profile.[/acc][/accordion]

[accordion][acc title=”Why can’t I edit my books or my author profile? “]

here are a couple reasons why you might have trouble editing your author profile or your books:

1. You haven’t joined the Goodreads Author Program. When you sign up for the site, your user profile isn’t automatically linked to your author profile. You have to apply to have them linked. As soon as your application is approved by staff, you should be able to edit your profile. Click here for more information about how to apply for the program.

2. You’re a Goodreads Author, but you aren’t signed into the correct user account. It’s possible to have duplicate user accounts, so make sure that you are logged in with the same email you used to claim your author profile. If you’re not sure, check to see which email account your Author Program welcome email came to.

3. You’re trying to edit a book that isn’t attributed to you. If the book doesn’t appear on your author profile already, you don’t have editing rights (because the system doesn’t know it’s yours). In this case, you’ll need a librarian to correct the author name for you (the system recognizes extra spaces). You can ask one to do so in the Librarians Group.

4. Like to give your problems and Goodreads updates out of your hands. Contact us. We can set up your Goodreads account, change your profile and connect it with your Social media. CONTACT.


[accordion][acc title=”How do I add Goodreads updates to my Facebook Timeline? “]

1. Navigate to the apps tab on your edit profile page.

2. You’ll see a Facebook section on the left. Click the blue “Add to Timeline” button.

3. A pop-up should appear asking for your Facebook credentials and for your permission to post. Grant all permissions.

4. Navigate to your Facebook Timeline.

5. On the top of your Timeline should be a number of boxes, such as “Friends”, “Likes”, and “Photos”. There should be a drop-down with a number on the far right of these boxes (see screenshot below). Click on that.

6. On the top right of one of the empty boxes that appears, click the plus sign.

7. Select “Goodreads” from the drop-down list.

Now you’re all set up! The more you interact with the app on Facebook, the more prominently Goodreads updates will show on your Timeline. In the beginning, they may just appear in your Timeline’s “Activity Log” (a gray link on the top of the page), but you can force them to appear on the Timeline itself. Just navigate to your Activity Log, click the circle to the far right of the Goodreads update, and select “Shown on Timeline” (see screenshot).

If you have any trouble getting your Goodreads updates to appear, please see our troubleshooting help topic.



How do I add Goodreads updates to my Facebook Timeline?


[accordion][acc title=”The Goodreads app you must have on your site”]

Allows visitors to your site to add the book to their shelf on Goodreads with one easy click, and see any friends who have added the book.

With this api you can easely set up your own app so your readers can add YOUR book to their lists 🙂

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