#bookreview –  Requiem (Dresdan Coven #3) by Amber Ella Monroe

#bookreview – Requiem (Dresdan Coven #3) by Amber Ella Monroe


They’d sacrifice everything to save each other. 

A brutal awakening…
Now that Elaina knows the truth about District 5, her motives have shifted. But the elite ex-vampire tracker uncovered more truth than she was prepared to know. No matter what it takes, she’ll sort out the mess. Even if it means compromising her safety, she’ll make it her life mission to strike down any foe who gets in the way of her freedom.

A connection to the past…
Vicq’s days are numbered, but he’s always been skilled in the art of evading capture. He’ll let his guards down and open his heart for one woman only—Elaina. His past has always had a way of catching up to him, but if he wants a peaceful life with the woman he loves, he’ll have to face his demons instead of running from them.

Their bond will be tested…
Elaina and Vicq know where their loyalties lie—with each other. But there’s a fine line between love and the will to live. They’ll be forced to make a choice that will change their eternal future.