#bookreview – A Vampire’s Hunger (Vampire’s Promise #4)  by Carla Susan Smith

#bookreview – A Vampire’s Hunger (Vampire’s Promise #4) by Carla Susan Smith


Rowan Harper sacrificed her blood and her soul to keep her friend, Aleksei, alive—and in the process, broke a bond of sacred trust with her lover, Gabriel.

But her act of heroism wasn’t enough to stop the evil bent on tearing the world asunder.
Newly turned vampires are slaughtering innocents, and those lurking in the darkness are threatening the people Rowan loves.

She may be Gabriel’s Promise, but it’s looking more and more like Rowan will belong to the demon of the Dark Realm instead. Time is of the essence and with her soul already tainted, will Rowan be forced to break the ties she’s forged with Gabriel? Which of the two rivals will stand beside her as she faces the end of the world?…

“This series is highly recommended.” –Library Journal 

“Wicked fun not to be missed!” —USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti

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I owe my love of literature to my mother, who, after catching me reading by flashlight beneath the bed covers, calmly replaced the romance book I had “borrowed” with one that was far less risqué, and much more appropriate! Encouraged to include different genres in my reading tastes, romance – paranormal romance in particular – has always been my first love.