REVIEW – Sold To The Werewolf by Summer Cooper

REVIEW – Sold To The Werewolf by Summer Cooper


Sold To The Werewolf 30740633

Werewolf Romance
Jane Sanders lived in a perfect and peaceful world; she had a promising future and was blessed with a loving family. Overnight, her world turns upside down – from bright and wonderful to dark and full of despair – when she receives news of her parents’ tragic death. To make matters worse, her baby brother Charlie falls terribly ill and needs costly treatments if he is to survive. Barely having enough money for food and shelter, Jane is offered a deal too good to turn down – a deal that could save the only family she has left in the world…Zare Mallack is the hot and sexy leader of a biker gang. As Alpha, he needs a mate. And when he sees Jane in the local biker bar, his instincts tell him she could use his help… if she can offer him what he needs.

Surely a proposal like that doesn’t come without trouble… What kind of business is Zare mixed up in and what is the deeper secret hiding behind his dark and often disturbing eyes? With her little brother’s life hanging in the balance, Jane can either accept the offer, or refuse and watch her only remaining family die. Is there really a choice when your loved one’s life is on the line? Even if it means sacrificing yourself as bride to the biker king?

Author’s Note: This is a 30,000 words novella.
Story contains SEMI steamy scenes, intended for adults only!