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Review – Nightwolves Coalition (The Nightwolves #1) by Clarrissa Lee Moon

Read: from September 30 to October 02, 201611502571
Kindle Edition, 3rd Editin, 242 pages
Nightwolves Coalition (The Nightwolves, #1)


Nightwolves Coalition Volume One: Looking for a soulmate can sure lead you into a huge mess. I thought my life was bad enough, weird enough, being a runaway kid as a child, an assassin as a teenager and then a college student/ mother in my twenties. Nope, the Fates had to get cute and make me a demigoddess/vampire. What more fun for me. Maybe I should have asked for money instead of a soulmate. Then my life would be much simpler than running around with Special Forces trying to stop a bunch of NWO freaks bent on taking over the world.Everyone is tensing up over the Mayan Prophecy, but I know better…things will only get more interesting. As if I needed that.


4 out of 5

More urban fantasy... No romance :(

3 hubbies and one girl. And a lot of urban fantasy. Dont skip the uf parts else you need to skip the whole book to wait for the romance and three husbands.

I Thought she was a virgin (at least 15 years no sex) with three adopted kids.
But then her first time ever with husband 1 was in a closet. So i guess i was wrong. Strange scenes. Hope to see the next book with more romance and way less fillers.


4 out of 5


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