A Vampire’s Honor (Vampire’s Promise #3) by Carla Susan Smith

A Vampire’s Honor (Vampire’s Promise #3) by Carla Susan Smith



Rowan Harper thought being with a vampire would keep her out of harm’s way. But there’s danger in the darkness, and not even her lover, Gabriel, knows all of its tricks.

She may be his Promise, the one woman who can save his soul, but the two of them have a long and complicated history that Rowan is only now discovering—complete with old enemies who will stop at nothing to make them both pay dearly.

When Rowan is abducted and forced to witness unspeakable violence, the secrets of the past begin to unfold, secrets that shed a whole new light on Gabriel’s best friend Aleksei and the role he once had in Rowan’s life. Will the truth destroy all three of them or bind them more tightly than ever?


A Vampire's Hunger (Vampire...A Vampire’s Hunger (Vampire’s Promise, #4) by Carla Susan Smith
Expected publication: October 25th 2016 by Lyrical Press