Wolf in Exile by Amber Ella Monroe, Ambrielle Kirk

Wolf in Exile by Amber Ella Monroe, Ambrielle Kirk


Wolf in Exile serial now complete ~ Over 70k words ~ Read the complete story in Kindle Unlimited!

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WOLF IN EXILE serial reading order: 
  • Captured: amzn.to/1I1VzM7
  • Unchained: amzn.to/1L8bUkE
  • Ascend: amzn.to/1DfEfNZ
  • Reclaimed: amzn.to/1Dy8t4B
  • Bound: amzn.to/1PrkzAI

When Kalena is caught snooping around in the laboratories at Silex Pharmaceuticals, a shifter-owned company, the guards label her a spy. She’s captured and tossed inside of a barricade filled with wolves who have been deemed menaces to society. What’s worse is that her memory of what happened over the last few days isn’t all that clear. Her only hope of escape is linked to Thane Silex, a convicted felon with a vendetta against his brother.

In the second installment of Wolf in Exile, conflicts deepen, pushing Thane and Kalena further into the danger zone.
When Kalena discovers there is more to Thane than meets the eye, her curiosity draws her closer into his world. There may be a cure to her ailment and a means to escape the prison facility, but there is no denying what the heart craves. Will she leave Thane behind?

Thane is puzzled. How could one woman revive his centuries old soul with a single touch? Fate brought them together, but time is not on their side. At the most critical hour, Thane will have to make a life altering choice.

After Thane’s breakout from Area S2, he ascends as Alpha of the ShadowRock Pack once again. His first priority is to stop the spread of an illegal drug connected to the Silex name. Discovery of its existence could shatter a thousand-year-old blood truce between wolf shifters and an ancient race of vampires.
The attraction between Thane and Kalena continues to burn even when they are apart. Thane has made it clear that she holds a special place in his heart. But while they are learning to love each other, trouble continues to brew…
When it comes time for Kalena to expose information about Silex and the harmful drug, she’s more than prepared to do it—especially when it will help dozens of others like her. What she doesn’t realize is that her willingness to help will lead to a revelation so shocking that her union with Thane will be jeopardized.

In the conclusion of Wolf in Exile, Thane’s bond with Kalena is shattered following a devastating revelation. They survived exile, but now the real test begins…

Thane is under scrutiny for his family’s involvement in the production of a life-altering drug. Kalena feels deprived of her memories and takes matters into her own hands. Everything is falling apart around them. Is their love for each other strong enough to battle the forces trying to tear them apart?


Wolf in Exile serial now complete
What happens after the happily-ever-after? Reunite with Thane and Kalena in this Christmas bonus story. Find out if they’re truly devoted to each other or if the series of tragic events drove them apart?
Captured is the first installment of Wolf in Exile, a serialized shapeshifter paranormal romantic suspense that contains a cliffhanger at the end. Intended for Mature Audiences only.