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Miltic Volume One by A.S. Oren

26847254*Not recommended for readers under 18. Strong Language and sexual situations warning for entire series*

A Reverse Harem Story.

Sandra Serling–genius and moody girl of the century–finds herself in an an Alice and Wonderland esque situation when the utterly sexy Steampunk knight Stillan comes blasting through her closet door while she’s in the middle of changing clothes. She isn’t the brother he’s looking for. What will they do when the timer on his portal to his country, Miltic, runs out and he accidently takes her barreling back with him?

She can only stay so long in Miltic before too much time passes by in her own world and she won’t be able to return to the life she knew before. But after getting to know Stillan, Desen (The sky pirate with all the charm of Jack Sparrow), Tylek (Stilan’s brother), and Faust (the Steambike riding, pub crawling humakat) will she want to return? After all, they’ve awoken a part of her she never thought existed, but will that part end up killing her when the King of their land figures out who and what she really is? (less)

Miltic Volume One
3 out of 5

Nothing yet happent so i Just have to read book 2

Nothing yet happent so i Just have to read book 2..l
Strange it stopped here. Not really a reverse harem yet... More like only the intro.


3 out of 5


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