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#review: Forget About Midnight (Alexa O’Brien, Huntress #9) by Trina M. Lee

Alexa’s struggle with the turn has sent her straight into the arms of the one man who feeds her madness: 24949086Kale Sinclair. Together they wreak havoc on the city and discover why they are so wrong for one another.

When Alexa’s sister, Agent Juliet O’Brien, gets busted covering up Alexa’s kills, she’s arrested by the government op she works for. They offer Alexa a deal. If she turns herself in, Juliet goes free. It’s risky but it just might provide her with an opportunity she never anticipated.

The separation from Arys is starting to weigh on them both. As Alexa’s sanity suffers so do her relationships. A Jekyll and Hyde mentality makes her unstable and unpredictable. If she continues on this path of destruction, her dark side will take her to a place she can never come back from.


Forget About Midnight (Alexa O'Brien, Huntress #9) by Trina M. Lee
8 out of 5

The strong point about this series is the wherewolf and vampire in trio with the girl. Ok i get it people asked to read more about Kale. But then dont leave out the magic trio. That's the main strong point why. people read this series!,, Really missed some with this edition.

The end: dont know why it ended there

Not sure if it was worth the 5 bucks...


8 out of 5


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