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    (must be booked  with any other service, in order to be eligible for complimentary cover review)


    • A free cover reveal can be done ON SHORT NOTICA (Within 2 weeks) but 3-4 weeks or longer is best and often results in more blog hosts.
    • Cover reveal must not be available online.  Have cover ready (or a mockup) or upload it via the request form below.
    • We only offer this Cover Reveal for free, if we are the only tour host organizing the reveal.
    • This is a free service. I am sorry to say we can’t accept all covers.
    • Cover Reveal post featured on Paranormal Cravings and Best Book Tours
    • Cover Reveal will be promoted via all Social Media channels from Paranormal Cravings and the tour hosts in the cover reveal. 
    • We cant garantee how many blogs will sign up sometimes around 30 others hit the 150 blogs.
    • The Cover Reveal post will be created by us and sent to all participating bloggers as a HTML-ready post to ensure all the information is on there and to make it easier on bloggers.
    • We send a media kit (incl. all info, links and pictures) for participating bloggers who prefer to set up their own posts.
    • Cover Reveal posts include book cover and summary from Goodreads, buy links, author bio and picture (if available), author links, teasers or anything else the author wishes to add.