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Alpha Unleashed (The fifth book in the Alpha Girl series) by Aileen Erin

Alpha Unleashed (The fifth book in the Alpha Girl series) by Aileen Erin

Tessa McCaide has had it up to here with supernaturals. As the only half witch/half alpha werewolf around, she’s the obvious choice for ambassador to the humans when the magical communities seek to escape the shadows for good. But coming out isn’t as easy as sending a press release. Vampire attacks are all over the news as the power-hungry witches play with dangerously dark magic and Tessa can’t promise any human safety when she and her friends are so busy battling for their lives. Luciana leads the corrupt witches, and even though she failed to steal Tessa’s magic, she’s just getting started on her crusade for magical domination. Countless covens are turning dark, and if their demonic summoning isn’t stopped, it could mean the end of everything. Tessa’s allies, including her mate Dastien, are ready to fight, but they’re no match for Luciana’s power. A little help (and ancient Inca mojo) from Tessa’s cousin, Claudia, may give the side of good a chance if she can make it home in time, but stopping the war is no longer an option. When witches and wolves fight, no one wins. Only time will tell who will still be standing after the last spell is cast.

Release: 13 Oct 2015


  1. Felicia
    Felicia February 10, 20:58
    Paranormal Cravings is not helping to shrink the size of my TBR list! LOL! At least I have until October to try and squeeze in the first four books!

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