An Impossible Mate by Joy Lynn Fielding



Matt is a bad ass alpha who left a pack and ends up forming his own. He finds Jesse wounded in his territory and knows that’s his mate. Jesse is a smart ass to everyone but has a soft spot for horses. He guards his independence and doesn’t really know how to function in a pack of wolves because he was raised by humans. Later, he learns to trust in others and share his time. Trouble comes in the form of an aggressive alpha that wounded Jesse and chased him into Matt’s territory. No one knows what this alpha wants but Matt and his pack are prepared to fight for their family, land, and mate.


Jesse’s back story is a little lacking. Since he was not raised in a pack, his experience would be more interesting and provide a view of how the world functions with shifters and humans. How did he survive in the wild on his own? It’s interesting to read that Jesse didn’t know he didn’t have to use a condom since he’s a shifter and have enhanced healing abilities until Matt told him. He’s capable of taking care of himself but he’s still young and naive about who he is.


I really enjoy reading about other character and picking up on their personalities. Each member of the pack are unique and have a distinctive voice. I would have liked to see more of their ranch, horses, and learn more about the Argents, the special species of wolf shifters that supposedly died out.


The story ended at the perfect place. The world-building is well done. The existing tension between humans and shifters is clear in the story but they also help each other. The cultural beliefs of how shifters came to be is interesting and unique to this world. It would be nice if the story adds on an epilogue to tell how Jesse and Matt’s lives will change after their discovery of an Argent. The pacing is easy to follow.


This is a great read with exciting fight scenes and hot sex. I definitely recommend this for fans of shifter romance and m/m romance.


Reviewed by Schan