#WereEVENT – Hexual Healing by Gem Sivad

Thomas Hunter_Call Me Miz

Hello shifter lovers everywhere! *waving* I’ve brought Thomas Hunter with me to Paranormal Cravings and I’m interviewing this very special, Special Forces operative during our visit today.

GS – Thomas, say hello and then we’ll get down to why we’re here. We’d like to know what it’s like to be a shifter. Do you have two brains, or uh, what?

TH– Hi, everyone. No, Gem, I don’t have two brains. But sometimes I wish we did. Dealing with my other half is a real PITA.

GS – I don’t understand. Could you clarify how you share? Is it collaboration?

TH- Raises his eyebrow and snorts.  I have one brain the beast and I fight over. Sometimes it’s war.

GS – So your cat and you don’t get along? That could be awkward.

TH—Tell me about it. I’ve recently been assigned to a investigate werewolves in a rural part of the country. The cat’s looking forward to a vacation there. Trout streams you know, and he loves to swim.

GS – Of course. And you? Are you looking forward to the country?

TH—Scratches his jaw considering his answer.  I go where I’m sent. But, I think I’ve been side-lined to get my head straight. The jaguar and I haven’t been in sync recently.

GS – It might not work having your cat in charge. What happens when you disagree?

TH—Rumbling growl emerges as Thomas frowns.

GS– I’ll take that as an unresolved issue.  Well, while you’re here, at least, can we meet the jaguar? Can we see you shift? Do you have to take off your clothes? Not that I’m advocating that Thomas get nude, but hey, interested parties want to know how this works.

TH—Turn around unless you want to watch me strip. It doesn’t take me long to shift. Some of my colleagues go through contortions, but my change is pretty smooth.

GS—I turn around until I hear a loud purring. That seems to be my signal so here we go.     

jaguar for Miz

GS – Oh my. I didn’t realize you would be so—dangerous, scary, big?—so golden. May I touch your fur?

TH—Loud purring.

GS—I take that as a yes. I’m just going to feel your pelt. I won’t be a second. Don’t move. Okay, so I’m a little intimidated. This isn’t your regular house cat, you know.

GS —Laying my hand on his head. He purrs louder, butting me until my fingers brush his ear. I’m game. I rub him there, then run my hand down to scratch under his chin. Why did I think he was scary? He’s such a sweet kitty.

TH—He yawns looking rather smug.

GS – Oh my. What big teeth you have. Looks at him nervously. Maybe you should change back now while I talk about the book you’re starring in.

GS—I want to thank the Paranormal Cravings crew for having us. Thomas is changing. I’m not looking, I’m not looking, I’m…oh my. I lied, I’m looking. Those muscles are really quite fine.


Hexual Healing

(Heat level 4—spicy)


Harvest the magic of Samhain and sex

Heal the beast, rebound the hex

Burn, witch, burn…

Incantations, scryings and hexes abound when hedge witch Missouri Hess breaks out her rough magic. The Autumn Solstice is days away, Bitter Creek Holler is pulsing with mountain mysticism, Miz is burning up with enough sexual energy to light up Fenway Park and her lover is MIA. She…is…pissed.

Nothing in his military, shapeshifting, Special Forces background has prepared Thomas Hunter for the torture of jaguar mating heat or the wrath of a furious witch. Though he’s on a mission in DC, his beast wrests control, returning them to their mate.

After Thomas delivers his own brand of sexual healing, it’s back to DC, with Miz. There’s twisted magic at work. Someone has unleashed a snake-eyes death hex. Good thing Miz is all about hexual healing. And Thomas stands ready to take all the heat from her sexual burn.

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