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#WereEVENT – The Loneliest Alpha by T. A. Grey (Giveaway: 5 e-copies)

LoveThe Loneliest Alpha by T. A. Grey

(The MacKellen Alphas #1)

One look will change their lives forever.

Lingerie designer Alicia Clarkson just had to open her stupid mouth. Now thanks to trying to defend a fellow pack mate, Alicia’s been blindfolded, tied up, and carted off to the new alpha of the Oregon pack—Gavin MacKellen.

However, the blindfold doesn’t come off so soon as Gavin reveals he’s searching for a mate. But Alicia’s curiosity gets fired up when Gavin refuses to reveal his face to her. Just what happened to him? He talks to her from shadowy corners and behind closed doors. The man is as allusive as a squirrely fox. But Alicia doesn’t play games and the quiet spoken, hoarse voiced alpha doesn’t stand a chance against her. They settle on an agreement, thirty days for them to get to know each other because that’s the only way this cowboy alpha will have it.

Gavin MacKellen needs a mate. But he knows no good woman would ever want to look at his face after the incident he suffered. After one look at Alicia Clarkson all his plans fly out the window. The woman’s beauty has stunned him damn near speechless. She torments his thoughts and Gavin finds himself yearning to know everything about her. He admires her creativity and intelligence, the cool way she handles herself in stressful situations. Most of all, he aches deep in his chest to taste her lips. Those beautiful sweet lips, but in order to kiss her without showing her what a monster he was, he has to get creative.

A relationship forms and as love threatens to grow between them Gavin struggles to cope with his physical appearance in the face of the beautiful Alicia. Will she be the one to stand in the face of a monster and accept or will she turn her back on him as everyone else has?



(5 ebook copies of The Loneliest Alpha)

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  1. Paranormal Cravings
    Paranormal Cravings Author October 01, 08:40
    Leave a comment here and maybe you will be the one to win one of the 5 e-copies of The Loneliest Alpha by T. A. Grey
  2. bn100
    bn100 October 01, 15:55
    Like the description of the hero. Saw the trailer
  3. Eva Millien
    Eva Millien October 01, 20:51
    Thanks for sharing this one and the giveaway. I love T A Grey's books, but I haven't read this one yet. I am looking forward to it. evamillien at gmail dot com
  4. Kelly Crane
    Kelly Crane October 02, 03:25
    Hum, I need me one of them there Alpha's. They'd have talented hands, an even temper and enjoy country living. He would give respect but also command it. He would know I do not share at all, so he would be a stand by me kind of wolf, err, I mean man. Any one got a Nickel for the wishing well!?
  5. Rana Adams
    Rana Adams October 02, 13:50
    Thank you so much for sharing! I love T.A. and her books!! The trailer is awesome!!
  6. Yvonne A
    Yvonne A October 02, 16:00
    The Book of T.A. sounds intressting
  7. Irene
    Irene October 02, 16:28
    I love a hero who isn't perfect! Great trailer. Irene irgl7(at)bonzo15.plus.com
  8. Vanessa N.
    Vanessa N. October 02, 16:42
    This one sounds cool and it's on my wishlist. Love the cover. Thanks for the giveaway. mythic021@gmail.com
  9. Shelly Nelson
    Shelly Nelson October 02, 18:17
    So, I'm thinking I might have found a new author to read obsessively. shellysn@yahoo.com
    • Paranormal Cravings
      Paranormal Cravings Author October 02, 18:23
      :) LOL then you will enjoy the rest of the month! Lots of amazing shifter/were books coming up!
  10. Shannon Burdsall
    Shannon Burdsall October 04, 16:29
    This book sounds really good! Hope I win and get a chance to read it! Thanks for the giveaway! Definitely add to my wish list!! tykeslanding@hotmail.com
  11. vampedchik
    vampedchik October 06, 20:31
    I've been wanting to read this one! Thanks so much!
    • vampedchik
      vampedchik October 06, 20:31
      email is goodblinknpark(AT)yahoo(DOT)com
  12. BookLady
    BookLady October 06, 21:40
    Sounds like a really exciting book! Thanks for the great giveaway. bhometchko(at)hotmail(dot)com
  13. dragonkeep62
    dragonkeep62 October 08, 05:22
    Sounds Like a very good book,can't wait to read it.Thanks for the chance to win. dragonkeep62(at)gmail(dot)com
  14. dalene65
    dalene65 October 16, 06:31
    sounds like a good book, I am looking forward to reading it. thank you for the great giveaway. dalene_65@live.com
  15. Eva Millien
    Eva Millien October 22, 19:09
    Sounds like a great book and I have added it to my TBR. Thanks for sharing it and the giveaway. evamillien at gmail dot com

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