The Howling Heart by April Bostic



Paige gets a promotion at work, dumps a cheating boyfriend, and inherits a cabin after her father died. So much happened to her that she needs to take a vacation and decides to check out the cabin in the woods. Then she meets Riley and is scared shitless about wolves.

I like how the “werewolves” reject this human label and consider themselves as wolves. Their DNA is only 1% different from wild wolves. They act like wolves and the book really emphasize that they are more wolves than humans. Nevertheless, Paige still tries to adapt to their culture and find ways to finally be together with Riley.

I really like Riley’s voice and dominant attitude in the book. That is what attracted me to read this story. Riley is the beta male and his father is the alpha of the pack. He’s expected to be dominant and he knows his standing. He is also considerate to Paige and tries to curb his wolf instinct, although he does exert his dominance when Paige is slighted. Paige definitely does not approve his method of retribution but that’s another part of wolf culture.

Back in “human society,” Paige is regarded as a “wildwoman” by her mother. More secrets are revealed. It’s a little disconcerting how easily Riley incorporates himself into human society. It is hinted in the book that wolves need their pack unless they have a mate. So this may explain why but it’s still not clear. I expect more culture shock from him. It is also unclear how he knows so much about human society but is still clueless at the end.

I really appreciate the HEA ending, even though it’s very fairy tale-like. Any long-lasting damage is healed by a mighty God even though it would have been more realistic to show how Paige and Riley will cope to accept their physical limitations. The loose end regarding Paige’s mother is never explained. I don’t like her and it’s intended for the reader to not like the meddling mother. Her meddling and know-it-all mentality really disrupts the werewolf community and Paige and Riley’s relationship.

Overall, the story flows smoothly and is a fast read. I really enjoy learning how the werewolves adapt to human culture and the characters. I would recommend this book for fans of shifter romances looking for a little something different than the usual.

Reviewed by Schan